Elf on the Shelf Toilet Paper Hair Towel and Body Towel

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If you are looking for Elf on the Shelf toilet paper ideas I think you will love this one.

Let’s make an Elf toilet paper hair towel and body towel in seconds.

Let me show you just how easy this is to create.

All you need is toilet paper.

Grab about 4 connected squared and wrap them around Elf’s hair the same way you would do it to your own hair when you get out of the shower.

Tuck the tail of the toilet paper up under the wrap, just like you do your own hair.

Then take another sheet of toilet paper that is about 3 squares and wrap it around the torso of your Elf.

Tuck the corner of toilet paper into the top of the “towel” just like you would do when securing a towel around your own body.

You can set the elf in the shower, on the vanity, on a shelf in the bathroom, on the towel rack, or anywhere you like.

It’s a super easy and super cute idea.

What Are the Rules of Elf on the Shelf

You give your elf a name. The elf travels back to the North Pole each night and reports good and bad behavior to Santa. Then each morning EOTH is in a new spot of your house. Here are some of the top Elf FAQ’s I get.

Is Elf on the Shelf on Amazon?

Yes, you can buy it here. You get the Elf and the storybook.

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