Elf on the Shelf: Welcome Note

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We are doing Elf on the Shelf again this year and our little boys are so excited.

Each day we will be sharing  new Elf on the Shelf ideas and you are welcome to play along. Shall we begin?

First and foremost, my Christmas tree is up.


With lights.

This is worthy of celebration.

I am certain this is the first time in my adult life that my Christmas tree has been up before the first of December, much less before mid-December. I even let the kids do most of the decorating. Didn’t even worry about ornaments breaking. I am certain my husband is proud of me.

Today Elf left a welcome note…. clearly he is ready for a new season. He was waiting under our decorated Christmas tree this morning.

elf on the shelf

 And today we will read the Elf on the Shelf book and our journey will begin.

Warning, we adjust some of the “rules of the book” as we go along.

For example, parents can touch Elf, if need be.

We might even rename him this year. {{shutter}}

We live life on the Elf edge.

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Are you doing Elf on the Shelf this year? We have a printable Elf on the Shelf Welcome Letter!

elf on the shelf printable welcome note girl

Want more printables to make Elf on the Shelf fun and easy? Check out our Elf Bundle!



  1. My kids are too old for Elf on a Shelf but I do really enjoy seeing everyone’s ideas on Pinterest. So creative! I wish this was around when my kids were preschoolers.

    1. oh my goodness my kids dont believe anymore either but our elf on the shelf still comes back every year and does some really fun things … I think secretly they still love the anticipation of what she will do or be. I do things like putting a note with her and they have to find dollars each, and I hide it all seperately or if they like a certian chocolate bar or chips then i leave that for them in the morning. You can still get very creative with the older ones and i think it helps set the christmas spirit as it was when they were younger and still believed. have fun!

  2. Yes! Although he hasn’t arrived yet. I plan to put our tree up this weekend and that will signal ‘Sam’s’ arrival. Our 5 year old is already talking about the things he did last year! So he is ready to see him again.

  3. Pam@behealthybehappywellness says:

    This is our first year – I think our elf will appear December 1st. I’ll be looking for great ideas!!!

  4. Kim Idell says:

    First congrats on putting your tree up! I am impressed. 🙂
    We do not do elf on the shelf, but my kids and I talk about it. Of course they came up with creepy off the wall ideas, but funny!
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    1. Kim, I knew you would especially be impressed about my Christmas tree.

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