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My family is pretty close. I have memories from my childhood where holidays were always spent together. Things seemed to focus around my grandmother.

Her house. Everyone brought a dish. Cousins played. The ladies wrangled children and pulled things together in the kitchen. The men were out of site- usually playing horse shoes.

I loved getting together.

As we grew older and the children began to marry and start families of their own, we still gathered at my grandmother’s house until a few years ago. My grandmother is now with Jesus, but it is still so very important to me that my family nucleus goes on, especially with my siblings and their children. I want my children to play with their cousins in their Easter outfits, eating sun-melted candy and watching adults crack confetti eggs over each other’s heads. That is what life is all about to me. I look forward to every family get together as if each holiday holds the anticipation of the night before Christmas when you’re six years old.

For Easter we did just that.



Hid eggs.

Enjoyed melted candy.

Adults entertained children with a confetti egg fight gone wild. All I will say is this gal ended up with about 5 hard boiled eggs smashed in her hair and a shower before I could drive home. Last year it was raw eggs.   No pictures of that, but you can imagine. (Next year I am coming up with a great plan and I will get my brothers back. I will!)

I enjoy making memories. And watching my children do the same.


Now  my mother is the grandmother.

My children are the cousins.

My siblings and I are  bringing baked dishes and goodies.

And life is good.




  1. Kim Idell says:

    I love your family Crystal! I am an only child and our kids are the only grandchildren. Our get togethers are nothing like you and your family have. I love how close you all are.

    By the way, Blake wants to invite your brothers over to play football for his birthday. I think he likes you guys too. 🙂

  2. Lynn McWhirter says:

    This made me cry Crystal. I miss my Nanny and Grandad so much. Things seemed so normal in my family when thu were both here. I am the only child so… To you I say you are lucky, to have so many siblings in your life to keep your tradition going. :0)

  3. Super! I miss my family! I live so far away from everyone and probably one the biggest things I miss is having family get togethers and building those memories with my kids. We have great friends that are family where we live and we do our best to build memories! I am so happy that we are going home to visit this summer and will be there on Father’s Day and I just miss my family so bad! What a great Easter for you all!

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