Fine Motor Skills

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I think many people know that our twins have incredible fine motor skills… just what are fine motor skills you may ask? Fine motor skills can be defined as small muscle movements: those that occur in the finger, in coordination with the eyes.

About a year ago Lenny was home with the twins and they were really quiet he says… and he stumbled upon them removing the keys of my laptop. They literally took every key off except maybe four. Luckily, Lenny was able to snap them all back on. And let me tell you, when Lenny discovered their work, they were both very proud of what they had accomplished.

A few months later they took the keys off of Lenny’s laptop and unfortunately they could not be put back on. So, for about six months Lenny has been without a laptop. Finally, a few weeks ago he treated himself to a brand new HP laptop. He came home after purchasing it and downloaded equipment and such…. the next morning he left for work and I told him ‘Put it up high where the twins can not get it- you know what they like to do to laptops.’ I did not know that Lenny’s idea of putting it up was placing it on the ironing board in our bedroom. Off to work he went.

Let me also say, back in May, Lenny’s twin brother was in town and left his laptop in the twins reach and they removed about 15 keys before I caught them in the act… fortunately I got all the keys back on, but he still calls us from time to time to tell us the spacebar popped back off, or the letter ‘u’ will not stay on….

So, Lenny has left for work. Knowing what these boys are capable of he should have put the laptop on a stranded island. I am doing laundry and see our bedroom door is open. I walk in… yap, laptop keys everywhere. Why in the hell did he not at least lock the door? And for crying out loud they can reach the ironing board! Less than 24 hours old and the keys are off. I get them all on but three. Needless to say, it was a long day at Best Buy, but they did switch out the computer. AND, the computer lives in a drawer completely out of their reach when it is not in use.

With all of this said, I have come up with a list of professions and jobs that would foster their keen fine motor skills…. feel free to add to it:

When Nick and Luke Grow Up They Would Make Great:

Musical Instrumentalists
Baseball Pitchers
Pool Sharks
Grafetti Artists

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