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I have had an Amazon Prime Membership since 2012. I literally get deliveries multiple times a week. During holidays or birthday season at my house I might get deliveries every day.

It’s the two day shipping and all of the other perks that make it worth it ten fold. The benefits of Amazon Prime Membership really make it a no brainer for my large family.

I honestly could not imagine life without Amazon Prime. As a busy mom who is always in need of something, it really is the way to go.

Reasons Amazon Prime is Worth It

If for whatever reason you do not have a membership, now is the time to try it. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial with no obligation to stay. If you don’t like it, cancel, but I guarantee you it is a no brainer to keep it. I think you will love it as much as I do!

  • Free Two Day Shipping- it’s the shipping costs that can make shopping online expensive. In my almost decade long Prime Membership, I’ve never paid for shipping.
  • Convenient- as a busy mom who has a lot of kids, homeschools, works from home, manages most of the home, etc., Amazon saves me time.
  • Selection- if a product exists, Amazon likely has it. And I don’t have to leave my house to find it. Amazon is the first place I check for a product I am looking for.
  • Prime Day- twice a year Amazon has Prime Day where over 2 million items go on sale for two days. The cheapest prices you will find.
  • Instantly Stream thousands of movies and tv shows on Amazon- no more cable bill.
  • Share Kindle Books- this is awesome for homeschoolers and anyone who loves to read.

Amazon offers so many other programs you can be a part of as well like Amazon Music Unlimited (which we have), foods market, Amazon Fresh, Rewards Signature Visa Card, Prime Wardrobe (a StitchFix alternative), Audible (which is an audio book membership and we have this too!) and so much more.

How to Create a Wishlist on Amazon

Go here to shop my Amazon Store. These are all of the things we love and use.

(I am an Amazon Affiliate and do make some change off of anything you might buy using my links.)

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