Getting Traffic: Top 10 Referring Sites (January 2013) #learntoblog

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How do you drive traffic to your blog? Do you participate in linky parties? Do you guest post on sites like yours?

This mom blog reaches over 80,000 readers each month and in January received over 140,000+ pageviews! Want to know how I am getting traffic to my site?


  • First, I believe in the power of linky party strategies. 
  • I share my content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • I network with other bloggers in my niche.
  • I guest post on other sites in my niche.
  • I leave comments on other blogs and then they visit my site.

These efforts pay off and in turn other sites send readers to my blog.

Learn to Blog Google+ Hangout

If you would like to learn more about how to blog, join Kelli, from 3 Boys and a Dog, and me tomorrow (2/5/13) over on Google+ as we being a weekly series sharing our pointers for those wanting to learn how to blog. You can RSVP here.

Tomorrow our focus will be on Twitter. We will tell you how we make it work for us and give you some tasks to implement so you can utilize it as a tool for your blog as well.

Top 10 Referring Sites (January 2013)

  1. Org Junkiesent 1308 visitors to my site last month. She has a weekly meal plan linky party that I have participated in since 2009.
  2. A Slob Comes Cleansent over 935 readers in January. I guest posted on her site in November and it is still sending me readers as folks are searching for easy recipes.
  3. Southern Mom Cooks– referred 787 readers over. Another example of how guest posting works!
  4. We are  THAT Familysent 582 visitors to my blog last month. This is one of the first linky parties I ever participated in. Her Wednesday party is popular and sends me a great deal of traffic.
  5. GooseBerry Patch541 readers came over to check out my site. I love sharing recipes on their linky parties.
  6. A Year of Slow Cooking– she helped promote my eBook last month while it was on sale! There were  506 of her readers that checked out my site.
  7. 3 Boys and a Dogsent me 450 visits. Again, Kelli and I network all the time together to grow our blogs. We guest post on each others sites, promote each other, etc.
  8. How to Meal Plan306 readers came over from this site to Crystal & Co. Yes, this is my site for promoting my eBook. It is one more way to help identify what my goals are for this blog- helping moms get dinner on the table.
  9. Skip to My Lou– her linky party sent me 215 readers in January. Another place I link up every single Monday.
  10. Tater Tots & Jello– sent over  214 readers. Her party is huge and grows to about 700+ entries. The closer I can get to the top of the list, the more exposure I receive from it.

 Social Media Traffic

social media blogging tips

  1. Pinterest– sent 53,365 readers to Crystal & Co., in January. Pinterest is my top traffic generator and has been since December 2011 when my coupon resource page went viral (the first time).
  2. Facebook– sent me 1424 readers last month. We share ideas, promote the projects that are shared on the weekly linky party I host on Wednesday’s,  and generate conversations over on Facebook.
  3. Twitter– sent me 105 readers last month. I tweet regularly about my posts, ideas and respond to conversations consistently. I also participate in Twitter Parties and schedule tweets using Hootsuite.

Search Engine Traffic

  1. Google– sent us 981 readers last month. Anchoring text appropriately and using relevant keywords with low to medium competition and high global monthly searches is key for getting Google to send you traffic each month.

More Blogging Tips from Crystal & Co.

How Are Other Bloggers Getting Hits to Their Website?

  • Southern Mom Cooks talks about how she is getting more traffic to that site so quickly!
  • Deals_3BD talks about where her website visitors are coming from
  • You can also go here for past hits to website traffic referrals on this site all list their top traffic referrals for the previous month!


  1. Great post and so helpful to new bloggers!! (like me) 😉

  2. Really great tips that can be applied to any type of blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for posting this we are trying to figure out stuff but we are still very much beginners. We are going to be following this series so we can be pros.

  4. This is a great list of resources. Thanks so much Crystal. I love the hangout that you and Kelli have been doing on G+. I shared this in my Social Media Exploration community, which provides resources and allows people to ask questions about social media and blogging. Thanks again!

    1. Jenny- I am so happy you’re enjoying the Google+ hangouts. We are having a blast doing them. There is so much we want to share. Thank you so much for joining us and promoting them. I will check out your Social Media Community!

  5. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. Always looking for more ways to grow my blog and get more traffic. 🙂

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