Halloween Marshmallow Lollipops

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Are these not the cutest things ever?
These are great to send to school for the fall festivities.
Or, make them and sell them as part of a PTA/PTO function.
Or, just make ’em and eat ’em!
Here is how…
Using chocolate wafers from your local craft or cake supply store and a double boiler, melt your chocolate.
I did a batch of green (and lightened it with some white wafers) and a batch of purple.
Make sure you’re melting the chocolate over a low-med heat. I set the dial at about 3-4. If you get your chocolate too hot it will harden during the melting process.
Chocolate that is melted at a high temp can also melt the marshmallows when we are ready to dip them.
Take three marshmallows and poke them onto a lollipop size stick.
Make sure the stick is not poking out of the very top marshmallow.
Dip the marshmallow lollipop in the melted chocolate.
Twirl and swirl in the chocolate to coat evenly.

Use your spatula as need be to coat all three layers of marshmallow, including where the marshmallow and  stick meet.

Sprinkle with your favorite festive goodies.

I used two different varieties- silver jimmies and bat mix jimmies.

My 11 year old son took this picture. Is he good or what?

To let these dry use a block of florist foam.
It is very important that you angle the marshmallow pops in a tilted position (away from you).
This will keep the hot marshmallows from sliding down the lollipop stick as they dry.
This is what you do not want to have happen.
This is from drying them in an upright position and also from letting the chocolate wafers get too hot which resulted in melting the marshmallows during the dipping process.


Wrap them in treat bags and seal with coordinating colored ribbon like we did for the Ghost Treats and Witchy Fingers.


  1. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says:

    My kids would LOVE to make these! Thanks!

  2. Yummy! Sounds super easy. I think we will try to make them tomorrow.

  3. Debbie- they will love them. So much fun to make and decorate!

    Kim- now you can use your new double boiler! 🙂

  4. thanks for stopping by shell!

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