Hand Print Art: T is for Tree

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Today’s hand print art is a craft to go along with the T is for Tree letter of the week theme. In the past, we have made all different kinds of hand print trees – apple, cherry blossom, Fall, Winter, Valentines-inspired, and so on. We’ve made them from paint, traced and cut from brown construction paper, traced and colored, decorated with homemade puffy paint, stickers, tissue paper, stamped…. the ideas are endless!

You can easily incorporate different preschool skills into this art activity. Have them count either while making them fingerprint leaves or count how many afterwards. Have them cut or tear pieces of paper instead of making fingerprints. This would also be a great way to have them practice making small drops of glue for the leaves.

Hand Print Art: T is for Tree

For our craft today, we chose to make a simple traced hand tree with fingerprint counting. I let my daughter decide how she wanted to finish decorating her artwork.

Supplies Needed:

t is for tree hand print

T is for Tree Hand Print Art Instructions:

Trace the child’s hand and part of the arm to create the tree trunk. We used a brown marker for tracing.

Color the inside of the tree truck. My daughter used a brown crayon for this part.

Ask the child to make green thumbprints or fingerprints using the green ink pad or paint so that they go over the top of the hand as well as around it.

Optional: My preschooler loves to draw suns on all her artwork and this time she wanted rainbow grass – too cute!

Write ‘T is for Tree’ across the top.

Incase you missed it, last week’s hand print alphabet craft was a snake!

T is for Tree Hand Print Art

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