Handwriting Practice for Kids: F is for Frog

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We have made it to the letter F with our handwriting practice for kids printables. This week we will practice  writing, tracing, and making the sounds of the letter.

This activity is perfect for parents that are looking for ways to teach the alphabet.  Are you in the mist of teaching your preschooler his ABC’s? The perfect way to do this is with letter of the week activities for kids! We have a craft for each letter of the alphabet here as well as other activities as you teach your preschooler. Look for links to each of these at the end of this post.

Let’s dive into this weeks handwriting worksheet for kids!

handwriting practice for kids f is for frog


You Will Need:

  • Handwriting Printable for Kids: F is for Frog Printable
  • pencil
  • Alphabet Flip Book, optional

Print out the f is for frog printable by clicking on the link above.

f is for frog

Then grab your alphabet flip book and find the letter F.

What things start with the letter F?  Fox, frog, fan, farm, feather, fireman, flag, fish, ferry…. what else can you think of that starts with the letter F?

One of our favorite books is  My First Picture Dictionary. It helps us come up with more ideas of things that start with the letter we are working on each week.

f is for fox

Next, take your printable worksheet and trace the big F and little f on the page. There are arrows to follow for formation.

My little nephew Wyatt was over and he traced the letter F with his finger.

trace the letter F

Next, they need to trace the letter on the page. 

Grab your pencil.

tracing the letter F

Trace the first row which is all F’s.

Then trace the second row which is all little f’s.

The third row alternates with big and little.

The last row is for independent practice.

How fun is that? Ready for some more letter F activities? Check out all of the links below!

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