J is for Jellyfish Handwriting Printable

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We love working on our letters at my house. Handwriting practice for preschoolers serves many benefits.

It helps to build muscles in their hands and fine motor skills.

It helps with pencil grip.

Learning to move across the worksheet going from left to right is also an early reading skill.

j is for jelly fish


We have done an entire alphabet series here on Crystal & Co., including letter of the week crafts, handprint art, books lists for the library for each letter as well as other worksheets that focus on each letter of the alphabet.

I am excited to share this printable handwriting practice worksheet with you. It is perfect for your preschooler or young learner.  You can print it here or click on the image above.

Use the first row to practice writing the capital J. The second row focuses on lowercase j. The third row is big and little. The last row is independent writing of the letter.

Want a free printable for each letter of the alphabet? Check out our complete list here.

What are your favorite ways to help your preschooler work on their handwriting skills?

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