Happy Birthday Crystal & Co.

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Three years ago today I sat down and started one of those blog things.

The twins were two years old.

I was desperately seeking sanity. Ewe. Nice blog name…. Desperatly Seeking Sanity.   Don’t steal it. I’ll find you.

The twins had cracked 17 raw eggs on my living room floor  while I was on a business call. I was so done!  That’s it, I declared. I am starting a blog and selling you crazy children out. The world will know everything!  {{insert evil laugh}}

I figured someone somewhere was listening, using tin foil and rabbit ears to channel into my ridiculous mommy struggles.  At that time you could find me at the url www.fourcrazychildren.blogspot.com.

Then Matthew was born and that really threw a wrench in my blog name. Hello, now there are five crazy children. Instead of deleting and starting over, I needed a new name. And just in case we ever decide to adpot a village, I figured I would play it safe with- Crystal & Co.   Besides,  iVillage was taken.

So here I am. We’ve grown. My mother is not the only one who reads this stuff…. my mother-in-law is a reader too. Which means two things: I can not complain about my childhood nor my husband here. So, what will I write about?

If this place is a resource for you, an outlet, therapy or a mommy connection, thank you. Seriously, thank you for reading.   Thank you for cheering me on. Thanks for leaving comments and letting me know you are out there.  

 Happy Birthday, Crystal & Co.

And now I have pink cupcake icing to clean off of a mischievous two year old.




  1. Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad to have found you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I wish you many more years of blog fun!

  3. Happy Birthday…congrats on three years!

  4. Kim Idell says:

    Congrats Crystal & Co! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. ROFL. iVillage was taken. **giggle**

  6. Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I didn’t realize you were older than me! I don’t celebrate 3 years until December… well 3 years as 3 boys and a dog. LOL!

    Too funny, there is already a Desperately Seeking Sanity blog 🙂

  8. Wow, your story sounds a lot like mine. Right down to the eggs, although mine were 9 eggs and the fridge was a target.

    Happy Birthday and Cheers! to many more!

  9. Shanaka @ Mama Bee Does says:

    Happy Birthday and we look forward to many more with you. I love reading your blog so thanks twins for driving mommy to blogging 😉

  10. Congrats! Love your humor in this post and throughout your blog. Keep up the great work. Here’s to many more years!

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