Him Can’t Walk Luke!

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So, things are going well here at Crystal and Company. Matthew so far is a very passive baby who loves to sleep and eat. He is nursing very well, but does get a supplement bottle when needed- like when I need a break or need someone else to feed him so I can get dinner going or whatever. We are all getting back into the swing of our routines- I am back to working and driving and running around. All is well.

Matthew had his 1 month check up on Friday. He weighs 9 lbs 6 oz! It makes me so happy to see him growing but sad too that each passing day he is a day closer to not being a newborn anymore. His features are changing and he is getting big and plump.

With that being said, Nick and Luke really want to play with Matthew. They do not yet understand that he is just too little. Over the weekend I was making Nick a drink in the kitchen. Nick, Luke and Matthew were all in the living room. Nick and Luke are being pretty quiet and I hear Nick say ‘Him can’t walk, Luke!’. I quickly put down the drink and walk into the living room. Everyone, including Matthew, is gone. I have literally been out of the living room just long enough to open the fridge and get out the milk. I calmly say Nick and Luke where are you…. I hear them in the bedroom. I walk in and they have carried Matthew into our bedroom and placing him on the bed. Luke says ‘Matthew play with us Mommy.’ Oh, let the fun begin!

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