Home Decor on a Budget: Inexpensive Center Piece

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I need home decor projects that are easy and inexpensive.

Here is a craft idea that is budget friendly.

I made this using a vase I had purchased on half-price day at Goodwill for $.50, a flower I snagged up at Michael’s for $2.49 using a half off coupon and two bags of split peas that were $0.89 each. This easy craft cost less than $5.00 to create.

Dump the split peas into the vase filling it up to the level most visually appealing to you.

Cut your artificial flower stem down to a size that is best suited for the vase.

Place the flower in the vase.

And you’re done! It makes the perfect center piece.

The flower and the beans/peas can be changed out according to season and you have a home decor item that will last a long time.

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  1. Haha! That’s great! I get free beans and peas often with coupons…I’ll have to remember this!

    1. Christy- I have found so many projects online using beans. Inexpensive and creative!

      Have fun with your free beans.

  2. Kim Idell says:

    Love the flower! It looks so real. Easy peas-y huh? Peas. Get it? Lol. I crack me up.

  3. Ha! So easy and frugal, and doesn’t make the non-crafty hyperventilate! Following you now on twitter as @shelleymolitor

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