Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Recipe

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It is sunny and hot here in Texas! My kids are really enjoying playing outside and soaking up the sun.

We are always looking for new ways to enjoy handing out outside. So we took art to the sidewalk! Have you ever made your own homemade sidewalk chalk recipe? If not you are missing out! Plus it is so easy and with only a few materials it is done and ready to be enjoyed!

We were inspired to make this sidewalk chalk because we can’t wait to go see the new Despicable Me 3 movie (rated PG)!! We made our chalk based on all of the vibrant colors from the movie and they turned out awesome! We recreated a few characters with the help of of the artist in our family! Our project went off without a hitch by using Bounty Paper Towels and you will have to keep reading to find out just why!

DIY Chalk Tutorial

  • tempera paint
  • silicone molds or empty toilet paper rolls
  • plaster of paris
  • plastic cups
  • plastic spoons
  • popsicle sticks
  • measuring cup

Homemade Chalk Recipe

Cut your popsicle sticks about  3/4 of the way and keep the bigger end.

Start with cold water.

Fill each cup about 1/3 of the way full with the cold water.

Then squeeze in 3 tablespoons of each color into the cups with water. Since our mold had 8 spots we used a mixture of the blue and pink to make purple and green and blue to make blue green. Super perfect for those Minion characters! Stir them up with your plastic spoons.

Then we added in the 2/3 cup of plaster of paris into each cup. Be sure not to get any plaster in your sink. It is not a good mix for drains! We used an old measuring cup for this but you could totally eye ball it if you are good with that. This part can be a bit messy. Bounty was certainly helpful while we put this one together!

Then carefully pour into your molds. After a few minutes the mixture will thicken enough to put in your popsicle sticks. Allow them to cure for a day. We did sit these outside so the heat would move things along quicker!

With any craft supply things can get messy. Having Bounty Paper Towels on hand is a must for any kid craft you plan. Even the littlest wanted to help!

Get busy decorating those sidewalks!

Can You Make Chalk at Home?

Yes! You sure can. All you need is a few supplies, like plaster of Paris and tempura paints to make DIY sidewalk chalk.

Can I Make Homemade Chalk Without Plaster of Paris

Yes you can!! All you need is equal parts cornstarch and water and mix them up. Use food coloring instead of paint for the color.

How Do You Make DIY Chalk Without Silicone Molds?

You can either use toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

Have a cookie sheet? You can just put your mixture on a cookie sheet and then break the chalk into pieces once it is dry.

If you have silicone muffin tins you could use them as well.


  1. amy williams says:

    Our favorite charactore is Gru

  2. We like all the little Minions.

  3. I like all of the Minions. They are so funny!

  4. Mary West says:

    We love Kevin, he’s our favorite because he’s so funny!

  5. Jessica Gipson says:

    We love Carl, the nose maker…He’s funny.

  6. I love Stuart 🙂 I don’t know why, lol Maybe because he’s so funny? lol 🙂

  7. Minions, always the minions

  8. The Minions are my favorite part of the movie! They always keep things exciting, lol 🙂

  9. I love Bob because he is the cutest.

  10. Gru cracks me up every time. Can’t wait to see this.

  11. Trasina McGahey says:

    I’m going to be honest and admit I have no idea what the character names are. My kids however would know! I would have asked them but they’re sound asleep. So, I’m going to say Gru just because he’s cute 🙂 Yes, I Googled the movie lol My kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

  12. Holly Thomas says:

    It is hard to pick a favorite, they are all so funny and we love them all!

  13. Danielle Bell says:

    Kevin- He is hilarious!

  14. Jennifer Bay says:

    Bob has always been my favorite.

  15. Dynal Roberson says:

    I like Bob, he is funny and cute.

  16. Jennifer Dunkelmann hon says:

    we love Gru because he is so funny

  17. Michelle Coles says:

    Kevin is one of my favorite characters because he’s pretty funny!!

  18. Tonya mcminn says:

    We love the minions because they are so darn cute and funny!!

  19. Virginia H says:

    I love Agnes. She is so darn cute.

  20. Tracy Shafer says:

    The minions make the movie!! So funny!

  21. Gru makes me laugh and touches my heart with how he wants and tries to be mean and rube but, comes off lovable and funny. Plus, he is a great dad!

  22. Trisha Musgrave says:

    Gru is mine because he acts like he is mean and hard but he really is sweet and caring.

  23. Michelle Bartley says:

    I love Gru’s kids especially Margo 🙂

  24. Minions but mostly Bob everyone love Bob for his cuteness

  25. Rachel Freer says:

    I love any of the minions because they make me laugh.

  26. Melissa Craig says:

    I love gru, he is just so bumbly, he wants to be good but he wants to be bad it is like the moral dilemma in everyone.

  27. Kelli Bryson says:

    I love the minions because they are cute!

  28. Anita Jude says:

    I love BOB he is our favorites

  29. Amber Bourland says:

    I don’t know- I haven’t seen ANY of the Despicable Me movies! But my grandson loves them and always talks about Bob being silly, so I just nod my head and agree. If I win, my grandson gets all this stuff, so hopefully it will make him happy.

  30. kelly woods says:

    Gru is our favorite. Such a trip. Thank you

  31. Heather B says:

    We love Agnes because she loves unicorns!

  32. vanessa martnez says:

    Hard to pick but love Kevin; so cute

  33. My favorite is GRU because his funny!

  34. We love bob because he is so adorable to watch!

  35. Samantha Martin says:

    Gru I think he is funny and Steve Carrol is just hilarious the minions are cute and so are the girls but Gru brings it all together 🙂

  36. GINA ROCK says:

    Kevin is cute and funny!

  37. Nancy Schools says:

    I like the little girl. I don’t know her name. Gru is pretty cool too.

  38. Kevin, because he’s funny.

  39. This is really cool, I never thought about making chalk! my daughter is a big fan of the Minion movies (and us/the parents too I guess, haha).

    I will give this a go and see how we get on, thanks again.

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