How to Make Candy Pacifier Party Favors

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Looking for a precious and super simple party favor for an upcoming baby shower? Wait until you see these!

All you will need is:

  • lifesavers
  • gumdrops
  • royal icing (you can buy it prepackaged and you just add water)
  • icing bag and small tip
  • ribbon

How to Make Candy Pacifier Shower Favors

First, gather your supplies.


Prepare the royal icing and place it in an icing bag assembled with a tip that will allow the icing to flow easily but with control from the bag.

Use the royal icing to attach two lifesavers together making a  ‘T’ as the picture below illistrates.


Next, use the royal icing to glue a gum drop to the top of the lifesaver ensemble as illustrated below.  

Let the royal icing dry for a couple of hours to ensure the candy is secure and intact.


Then use ribbon, you can go as expensive or inexpensive as you want, to make a necklace strand that will allow your guests to wear these delicious party favors at the baby shower.


How simple was that? And they are so stinkin’ adorable!

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  1. Those are adorable! I am helping with 2 baby showers right now! I might just have to take this idea from ya!

  2. I’ve been to my fair share of baby showers and I have never seen these before. Very nice!


  3. These are Brilliant! Im followeing:)
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  4. Erin @ Making Memories says:

    These are so cute. My daughter and all her friends would love these!

  5. Bitterroot Mama says:

    Cute! That’s a great idea.

    1. They are so easy and your guests will love them. Best of luck and thanks for reading!

  6. Those are really fun! Thanks for sharing them. Visiting from I Heart Naptime.

  7. These really are so adorable! Have to file this one away for future use!

  8. These are way cute… thank you for sharing!

  9. I’ve done these with chocolate covered oreos instead of the one lifesaver. But they are really hard to find now.

  10. These are so cute!! I would have loved to have these at my baby shower!

  11. How clever! Cute & easy too. Would love if you linked this idea to my Craftastic party:)

  12. Made me smile. These are just so cute. Now I can’t wait until the next baby shower!

    Enjoying your blog!

  13. Sanghamitra says:

    It is always a pleasure to visit such a lovely, creative space! Thanks for sharing:)
    Beautiful space you got here.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  14. I hope you don’t mind but I used this idea for a baby shower at my work place for 3 ladies who are having babies. I actually just finished making them and the party is not until wednesday. How can i store them in the fridge?

    1. Kelly, these tutorials are here for you to use! It is an honor that you would make these to celebrate the life of a new little one… or three. 🙂

      As far as storing them, I would let them dry 100% and then place them all in a gallon size ziplock back in the fridge. That is what I would do. Let me know if that works well.

      I hope your baby shower goes perfectly. Let me know how much fun the pacifier necklaces are. If guests wear them around their necks, everyone will smell minty fresh. It’s fun!

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  16. Erin @ Making Memories says:

    Oh my heck! These are adorable!

  17. This is such a great idea. I would have never in thought of it, but I must keep it mind for my next baby shower. Thanks!

  18. To stinkin’ cute! I love this. Thanks so much for sharing your project link at our

  19. These made me smile. They would be so cute for the next baby shower.

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