How to Repurpose Jeans into Shorts

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I have a very thrifty tip for you that I have done since Garrett, who is now 12, was little.   This works for boys or girls jeans and is ideal in a situation where you are unable to patch holes in the knees of pants. At my house, when my boys make a hole in the knee of a pair of  jeans, it is from inseam to inseam by the time they get home. But I have a mommy solution!

As I have discussed before, we are all about passing outgrown clothing on to the next child in line, but sometimes holey jeans must be re-purposed. What better than to re-purpose them into a pair of shorts.

Absolutely no sewing required.

All you need is a pair of scissors.

Here are a pair of jeans that are seven years old. They have been passed down from Garrett (my oldest son) and the twins have worn them out.


Pretty big hole, hua?


Simply take the scissors and cut jeans to convert them into shorts at the length you see fit. I like the length of the shorts to hit them at the knee, if possible.

Here are two pair that I converted.

As you wash them they will naturally fray, which I think looks cool.


Super simple and it did not cost a penny!

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  1. Alana of Taylor Made Home says:

    Visiting from WFMW’s link up. Great tip! My mom did this for us when we were little and it worked wonderfully. Forgot all about doing this though. Thanks for the reminder! When you get a moment, I’d love to have you stop by my blog:! 🙂

  2. Great tip! My son does not like jeans (“too scratchy”) but I find it very worthwhile to convert his holey-kneed pants into shorts even though it does require hemming. I’ve even done it with pants that had a lining! Here are the instructions. He can wear the shorts for years because at this stage, he’s only getting taller, not wider!

  3. simple isn’t it Been doing stuff like this all my life
    great to see others do it too

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