‘Jump All But One’

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Remember these games? The triangular wooden game with pegs and holes? The game that leaves you feeling below par because you are left with three or four pegs after analyzing and planning every move. Well, we were at Cracker Barrel over the weekend having brunch with Grandpa as he was in town. We sit down at our table and there the game is (they have one at every table). Really, I think the purpose of the game is to aide one in forgetting just how long it takes them to bring your food order to the table as you sit there playing over and over trying to achieve a level of greatness.

Unsure what to do with this game, Luke sits and looks at it for a minute, hum… what IS that? The waitress takes our drink order and Luke is still not sure what this wooden thing is. So, as a professional birthday party go-er he leans over and does what seems to him to be the most obvious use for this odd thing sitting on the table- he blows the candles out. I could not help but smile and giggle at the pure innocents in it all. The candles do not go out, so he blows on it again. Just adorable. Finally, I lean over and show him that the pegs come out and can be moved from hole to hole. What a mistake that was. The family at the next table ended up with pegs at their feet. The game frustrates me too, honey!

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  1. Yeah that Luke is a crazy one. You shoudl put the story in here about Luke taking off at Olive Garden and the waitress almost breanking her neck as she fly’s over Luke and the tray of drinks landing all over Luke. That would be a funny story for everyone to hear about.

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