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Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but laundry is a dreaded, evil, chore that I loath. From time to time I mention in my posts how laundry drives me up a wall and overwhelms me to the core- it makes my life a mess. I talk in more detail about my laundry challenges here.

In my ever tenacious search to bring simplicity and order to my life this year I have kept my eyes peeled for laundry help in the blogging world.

And what do you know…. I found a blog.

I have found a lady who has such a love for laundry, she blogs about it over at Mamas Laundry Talk. Check out her site. She has lots of great pointers, advice, and even step-by-step instructions for folding specific garments. Brilliant I tell you! Her name is Lauren and she is a real person, not a Jetson robot, who conquors laundry on a daily basis. Also, my new blogging world hero.

Today, Lauren is a guest blogger over at 3 Boys And A Dog and gives amazing tips, pictures, instructions, but most importantly, action steps for Organizing Your Laundry Room. All the things I need! (Way to go Kellie, at 3 Boys And A Dog, for inviting her to your site as a guest blogger!)

Check it out now. You’ll thank me later- I guarantee it!


  1. Mama Laundry says:

    Awww… Crystal, Thanks!

    I'm so glad you've been blessed by it!

    I have three little people under the age of 5, so our house is pretty much constant chaos. Laundry is one of the only things I can stay on top of! But I like laundry, so it is easy for me to do.

    Our floors and their dirt? That's a different story…

    Thanks again for such a fabulous plug!


  2. My pleasure, Lauren.

    If I can just get on board with your way of thinking when it comes to laundry, my family will thank you for it!

    You have great information.

  3. Oh my….someone who likes laundry….that is an odd thing! I will totally check her out! I hate laundry and end up living out of baskets sometimes!

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