LEGO Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

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One of the best ways to jumpstart party excitement is to send an awesome invitation—creative ideas will capture a child’s imagination even before the celebration begins. When a birthday party theme is LEGO, even a “regular” card shaped invite has built-in fun because of the great LEGO colors but you can kick it up a notch without much difficulty. Electronic cutting tools, punches, and computers add professional looking precision, however, sharp scissors and a ruler yield a lot of potential in the hands of a determined mama! Here are fifteen LEGO themed invitation suggestions you’d be proud to send.

Lego Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

LEGO CARD: Fold a piece of colored cardstock in half. Add six cardstock circles to the front; mount them with glue dots to add dimension. Open to see party details.

PILLOW BOX: Fill a clear pillow box (available on Amazon) with LEGO bricks. Add a piece of cardstock with celebration details.

STACKED BRICK TRIO: Bottom brick is a sheet of colored paper/cardstock folded in half. Tape or glue two edges, leaving an opening at the top. The resultant pocket will hold your party info. Take a 2nd piece of paper in an alternate color. Make 3-5 matching studs; attach to the top edge of the paper. Affix this to the bottom brick.

The top brick is a 3rd sheet of paper, folded in half. Tape/glue two side edges. Make 3-5 matching studs; attach them to the top folded edge. Print party info on a white sheet of paper, being sure to leave space at the top. Tape/glue top edge of insert into the pocket of the top brick. The rest of the insert slides into the bottom pocket.

LEGO HEAD: Make a template of a LEGO head shape. A piece of yellow cardstock creates the perfect themed invite.

MINI BRICK: Write invitation details on the side of a stack of mini bricks. Use a marker or print out and tape your message on the stack.

COLORING PICTURE: A blank LEGO mini figure on the invitation front will be a fun coloring opportunity for younger invitees.

CREATE A SCENE: Including a sheet of LEGO stickers with your laminated invite will allow kids to play with and reposition stickers.

CHANGING CHARACTERS: Fold a full sheet of paper in half, then in half again. The back page holds the party details. Affix mini figure images on the first three pages. Cut them in thirds (head, torso, legs), leaving the left seam intact but cut the top edges to separate the pages.

PICTURE IT: Make a LEGO number of the celebrant’s age. Use a LEGO base plate for the background. Take a picture and put it on a postcard with pertinent party directions.

BLOOM BOX: A paper bloom box is a crafty way to present your invitation. The addition of four circles on the lid makes the box look just like a LEGO.

LEGO STAR WARS: Create a tube with silver cardstock; decorate with black cardstock (or tape) to look like a light sabre hilt. Include party info and LEGO figures on colored cardstock, sized to act as the light blade. Insert the blade in the hilt, allowing the “light” tip to show.

LEGO NINJAGO STARS: Fold origami stars to carry party info.

LEGO NINJAGO MASK: Include a photo copy of your scowling child’s eyes peering out of a Ninja-inspired mask.

LEGO NINJAGO SWORD: Inscribe the invitation on the blade of a paper sword in its paper sheath.

LEGO NINJAGO SCROLL: Glue wood beads to the ends of a pair of wooden dowels; paint them black or red. Write party details on a piece of paper and glue the top and bottom edges to the dowels. When the glue dries, roll paper up; secure with red wax/sticker. Embellish with colored cord/ribbon.

Some invitations are best hand delivered but the postal service accepts a number of non-traditional pieces of mail. Check with your local Post Office if you have questions—before you make all of the invitations!

Throwing a kid’s birthday party? Be inspired with these ideas:

What’s your favorite LEGO themed birthday party invitation?

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