Lunchbox Notes AKA Keeping Up with the Preschool Joneses

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Nicky’s eyes were blue-blue until he was about 3 years old.

This is what happens when a blue-eyed girl and a brown-eyed boy have children and the paternal grandfather has green eyes.

Nicky’s eyes are now green. Ish.


I just needed to put that out there.

Now that the twins are 6, they are noticing things. Things like notes in other kids’ lunchboxes at preschool.

Don’t read into the title too much- I just thought it was funny. If you know me and if you know Lenny, you know that we are NOT people who keep up with the Joneses. Not even maybe.

But there is this lunchbox issue.

Recently Nicky started bringing up the subject of notes. Specifically, notes in his lunchbox. It went a little something like this.

Our Wednesday Morning:

Nicky: Momma, can you put a note in my lunchbox?

Me: [I was pretty certain that I knew what he was talking about, but I wanted some clarification.] What do you mean a note in your lunchbox?

Nicky: Ya know. Like Aidan and Melissa and Ruby get.

Me: What? They get notes in their lunchboxes? How do you know?

Nicky: ‘Cause I see them.

Me: How do they get notes in their lunchboxes?

Nicky: ‘Cause their mom’s put them there.

Me: For real? Aidan, Melissa and Ruby’s moms put notes in their lunchboxes? Every day? What do the notes say? [This aint my first rodeo. I have done the notes-in-a-lunchbox-dance many, many times. But I love having fun with my kids.]

Nicky: Have a good day. I love you. Stuff like that. Can you put a note in my lunchbox? I really need to practice my reading. At lunch.

Me: Luke, have you seen these notes Nicky is talking about? Do you want a note in your lunchbox?

Luke: No, I hate school. I do not want to go to school today. School takes too long. I miss you all day.   [This is an entirely different post for an entirely different day.]

So I wrote a quick note for each of their lunchboxes. We proceeded with our getting-ready-for-school routine.

Our Thursday Morning:

Nicky: Momma, you gonna put another note in our lunchboxes?

Me: Again? Like, every day? Does Aidan and Ruby and Melissa’s mom do this every day?

Nicky: YES, Mom. Are you gonna do it? I need to practice my reading.

I make their lunches and grab the notes from yesterday’s lunch that are still linger on the kitchen counter. I toss them back in their lunchboxes.

We’re driving along to school and chatting. You know, with the rearview mirror moved downward so I can see my boys in the backseat. Nicky looks at me and says….

Nicky: Momma, did you put notes in our lunchboxes?

Me: Yes. We can use the same notes, right?

Nicky: NO! You have to make a new note every day.

Me: Seriously? You mean to tell me Aidan Melissa and Ruby’s moms make a new note every day?

Nicky: A new note every day.

Thank goodness I had a little note pad and a pencil in the car.

A new note every day. I totally knew that.


  1. That was soooooo cute. I’d almost forgotten those. I wonder how teenage kids would like having those. *envisioning very embarrassing notes for next week’s lunches…*

    1. Genevieve (love your name by the way)- I am pretty certain a note in a teenagers lunchbox would officially ruin his life. Figuratively, not literally, of course.

      Let me know how it goes. Maybe you could include a cute picture from the younger years of said child in a Halloween costume. Mom of the year for sure! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Crystal,
    I had so totally forgotten about that. I loved those years from about 4 to 8. Children are so neat at different ages, it’s hard to remember. Enjoy these note times, in fact, enjoy it all!!! They really do grow up so fast.

    1. Ann- I already see time moving by quickly. It seems like the twins were just born yesterday.

      My oldest is 12 and it blows me away to look at him and see how tall he is and how much of a young man he is becoming.

      Life moves too fast sometimes for sure.

      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

  3. Jokes! Do jokes!

    Ben is the same age as your twins (he’s 6, in first grade) and the jokes are his favorites. You don’t even have to be funny, just google it. ;o)

    1. Shannon, jokes are a GREAT idea. What an excellent suggestion.
      Jokes next week for sure!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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