Make Kiddy Craft Clean Up Easy

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Do your kids make a huge mess at your kitchen table when they do crafty project that involve glue, paint or play-doh?

Tell me about it!

Here is the solution- a cheap plastic throwaway table cover. You can get them at any dollar store for a buck. Walmart and Target has them comparably priced as well. Find them on clearance? Grab a few- you’ll use them, I promise. You can even save the leftover table covers from your child’s birthday party if it is still in good condition. Store it with your container of kiddy craft supplies and you are ready to go!

The cover is an inexpensive way to protect your table from the goo and gunk. And as long as the crafty project is something simple like play-doh, you just shake it off and reuse it next time.

If it is a messy craft and the cover can not be saved, just pick up the things you are going to keep and chunk the cover with mess and all. If it can not be reused- no worries since you only spent a buck!

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  1. That's a great idea to use clearance disposable tablecloths!

  2. Lady Why- thanks for reading!

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