24 Meal Prep Must Haves

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Have you thought of meal planning? It is seriously the secret to kitchen success! No matter the size of your family you can accomplish feeding your family with little prep. After all families just want dinner around the table. These meal planning must haves are what we like to keep on hand when assembling freezer meals.


Meal Planning Must Haves

1. A Sharpie is a necessity for labeling the meals you prep so you know what is in the freezer.

2. Make sure you have gallon size freezer bags on hand for storing your meals.

3. A roll of foil is great for covering throw away casserole dishes tightly.

4. Some recipes may need parchment paper to prevent sticking when cooking.

5. Freezer bag holders work for assembly but also soups, sauces, and other chopped favorites.

6. We love this collapsible colander that works wonders for rinsing veggies and fruits prior to assembly.

7. If you run short on time you can defrost just about anything in a jiffy with a thaw board.

8. These freezer casserole dishes are just right for casseroles and such and they work well in the freezer with no worry for shattering.

9. Meal Prep Containers are great if you assembling smaller portions for smaller families or just a quick easy meal.

10. Glad Ovenware is a disposable option for freezer meal assembly.

11. When prepping you have to have measuring cups and measuring spoons help for adding all the right ingredients.

12. A slow cooker is a saving grace for whipping up those meals you have assembled.

13. My instant pot is the quickest and easiest way to cook in no time.

14. Having a good sized stock pot on hand makes for boiling things up pretty easy.

15. We love these baking sheets for those delicious sheet pan dinners!

16. Keep mixing bowls counter top for mixing marinades and veggies.

17. We love these cutting boards for assembling because they have handy labels for what they are used for.

18. A set of sharp knives makes for chopping super simple!

19. If you are storing away seasoned meat or other items use a Foodsaver to make things freezer friendly.

20. Having a kitchen timer on hand is wonderful for keeping track of multiple tasks while you are prepping.

21. We like to precook ground beef and other things in a saute pan prior to assembly.

22. You can shred, chop, and puree just about anything when using a food processor like this one.

23. If you are measuring out foods for healthy reasons or precision a kitchen scale is perfect!

24. Slow cooker liners are easy to use for cooking and keep your crockpot clean.

We have been working hard every month to create a monthly meal plan that stock piles the freezer with easy meals families love. Each month brings something new and exciting. Join us over in our Get Dinner On The Table group on Facebook for lots of other meal ideas, tips, and humor!

You can see all of the make ahead freezer meal plans, It is definitely something you aren’t going to want to miss!


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