Ultimate Guide to Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? They are seriously so inexpensive and are a great addition to family fun during the Christmas season.

Our house has two elves! My kids love the excitement that Christmas brings and can’t wait to see what our elves have up their sleeves.

These elves have really become the talk of the season starting right about now. I have shared stories with friends and family and they also love the hear the excitement of what my kids are experiencing with our elves.

If you don’t have an elf consider one. Here are some different selections to choose from. They are a lot of fun during the Christmas season and they do add to the wonder and magic of it all. Check out these 25 super cute Elf on the Shelf ideas to get your season started!

ultimate elf on the shelf ideas

25 More Elf on the Shelf Ideas

1. Elf can be set up to be A Mechanic with this cute idea with a little truck and some tools from the garage. Frugal Coupon Living

2. Elves Can Take Showers too with this easy set up using wash clothes and a hand towel. Ten Cow Chick

3. Set up this Circus Elf Act with ribbon and a candy cane! Busy Kids Happy Mom

4. If you are planning the arrival of your elf this Hot Cocoa Party with FREE Printables is perfect! Sweet C’s Designs

5. Have your Elf Fishing for Goldfish and the kids will have a surprise when they go to brush their teeth. Rocking My 365 Project

6. Have your Elf Arrive by Parachute to really entertain the kids and kick off the season. Peanut Blossom

7. You can easily craft a crime fighting elf with this Super Elf Idea that allows you to create a cape. Busy Kids Happy Mom

8. Your elf can Make a Countdown To Christmas with a sweet little mini paper chain. The Little Things

9. Write a Special Message on the Mirror to your kids to start the day from your elf. Come Together Kids

10. Incorporate some Frozen fun with this Toilet Paper Snowman Idea for your Elf. Frugal Coupon Living

11. If you have an elf that loves games then this Poker Night Setup is adorable using several other toys. A Few Shortcuts

12. As the days inch closer have your elf go all out with this Streamer Christmas Tree. The Organised Housewife

13. Have your Elf Creating Artwork with some crayons and a cute coloring book. Little Bit Funky

14. Your Elf Could Be Taken Hostage by Lego minifigures. My boys will love this one! Picklehead Soup

15. Create a Zip Line for Your Elves and your kids will find this hysterical. Gina Rae Miller Photography

16. Set up a Connect Four with Elf and another playtime character to ensure your elf is having a great time! Ashley Hackshaw

17. Elf can make some sweet Q-Tip Snowflakes and your kids will find him most creative! Frugal Coupon Living

18. Elf Can Play Tic Tac Toe with this adorable idea and include a sweet letter from your favorite elf. Lovely Life of Leah

19. This adorable Elf Kissing Booth with FREE Printables is an excellent idea for elf activity. Living Locurto

20. Have your Elf Make Breakfast with this mini pancake idea. Home Stories A to Z

21. Throw in some stuffed animals and you have a Zookeeper Elf Idea that is so cute! Frugal Coupon Living

22. This North Pole Breakfast is absolutely adorable and a great welcome for the first arrival of your elf. Crazy Lou

23. Your elf can Wrap the Christmas Tree in Toilet Paper for a hilarious trick! I Heart Naptime

24. Use some extra can from cooking and set up this Rock Band Elf and pretend your elf is at a concert. Frugal Coupon Living

25. Try these Printable Elf Good Deed Cards for your kids this Christmas. Over The Big Moon

What is your elf up to this Christmas? We would love to hear about them. 

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Elf on the Shelf Clothes

elf on the shelf printable welcome note girl

Elf on the Shelf Welcome Letter 

elf on the shelf printablesLooking for free printables to use with your Elf on the Shelf? Here are 26 Elf on the Shelf free printables.

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