Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

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With Mother’s Day round the corner, the stores are filling with gift ideas to make the most special lady in our lives’ day perfect. But how do you choose between all of the things that are out there by just selecting one or two things?

Instead, why not put together a basket filled with loads of goodies to show her just how special she is and to put a smile on her face? The beauty of this idea is that you can go as elaborate or as simple as you like, meaning there are gift bundle options to suit all budgets as you can look to do it as cheaply as possible whilst still achieving the thoughtful outcome. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite ideas.

mothers day gift ideas

A selection of a few of her favorite things

Go for ‘The Sound of Music’ option and put together a hamper of all of her favorite things. You can include things like her favorite film, favorite CD, book, favorite bubbly, snacks and a gift voucher to her favorite store. This will show how much you’ve thought about her and what makes her so unique, too. Put them in a basket that she’s likely to use afterwards as well so that nothing goes to waste and so that the actual basket is a present in itself. We like these ones.

Pamper session supplies for the perfect night in together

With all the things they do for us each day, mums definitely deserve a night off and you could buy her everything she needs to help her relax and unwind. Fill a basket with pampering supplies like lovely bath stuff, body lotions and potions, scented candles, nail varnishes and face masks. This is a much cheaper option than going to a spa if budget is limited, too. You could even offer to give her a foot rub for extra brownie points, too!

Sweet treats and goodies (and of course, bubbly!)

The truly indulgent option is to go for a hamper of snacks and sweet treats. (We reckon a year’s supply should do it!). You can buy them readymade or put together one yourself filled with things like luxury chocolate and girlie things like pink champagne for extra wow factor. Chances are she’ll no doubt let you sample some of them! A great alternative to bubbly is nice tea or coffee, too.

Bits and bobs from the grandchildren

If your mum is a grandmother to your kids, you could show her just how important she is to both you and them by getting them involved with putting a basket of gifts together. You could include things like photo mugs with pictures of the little ones on from sites like and some specialty tea for when she needs a tea break from a crazy day looking after them! You could also add things like one of their masterpieces framed which she’d no doubt love hanging on her wall for all her visitors to see.

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