Name Practice for Preschoolers: Using Alphabet Lacing Beads

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Are you looking for name practice for preschoolers like I am?

I have been collecting activities that I can do with my little Matthew (4)  as he learns to write and spell his name.

I thought this alphabet lacing activity would be fun, and I was right, he really enjoyed it.

Here is what we did.

name practice for preschoolers using lacing alphabet beads

You Will Need:

By all means, you do not have to use a craft tray, but I am totally digging these. They are perfect for little ones who have a hard time keeping their supplies together and in order. It keeps everything right there in one place.

I could not find the exact trays I am using on Amazon, but I shared something close with you up there in the link that says craft tray.

I am in love with these lace a word letters I found. It comes with 280 something letters and 12 colored laces that you child can choose from. I see these coming in handy not only for Matthew as he learns to write his name, but also for Nick and Luke (both 7) as they learn to spell things like sight words.

I pulled all the letters needed to spell Matthew’s name for him and I placed them in order on the tray. As he gets better at this, and older, I will have him fetch the letters, but right now we are in the very early stages of learning to spell his name.

name practice for preschoolers

He got busy threading the letters in order.

This was a great fine motor skill activity as well!

name practice for preschoolers

He was so precise and orderly about it. I was so happy to see him concentrating on this activity. (He is a pretty rambunctious child, I must say he comes by it naturally.)

name practice for preschoolers lacing beads

Next we went through with our alphabet flip book (so easy to make and I use it all the time!!) and went letter by letter.

Matthew matched the letter on the lacing to the letter in the flip book. We said the letter name, the sound and the name of the object in the picture on the flip book as we went letter by letter in his name.

m is for monkey m is for matthew

He loved matching everything up.

When we were done he wanted to count the letters. I let him lead- I want learning to be fun for him. He counted how many letters are in his name.

Then, he had the idea to say the colors of each letter. One by one he named the colors; blue, red, green, black, etc.

It is so beautiful to see him eager to learn.

lace a word lowercase beads

And that is how we did it. It literally took all of 20 minutes and he loved doing school work. He did not feel restricted or forced. He lead the way with some of my guidance.

We then went on to complete  a dot-to-dot activity and that was it for his day. That is about all of the seat time he can handle in a time period. We had so much fun. (And our friend Skylar was here. She is my friend Kim’s little girl and she is 9. She is homeschooled as well and thought it was fun to see the things Matthew does in his homeschool day. Skylar even had fun spelling her name with the beads and lace.)

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  1. Kim Idell says:

    Skylar did have fun. She thinks your homeschool is fun!!

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