Never Ever Start a Sock Basket

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I absolutely hate folding socks.

Mating socks.

Whatever you call it.

A few years ago I started a sock basket.

It was a small wicker basket.

When I would get socks out of the dryer I would just toss them in this basket with the intention of mating them when I had some free time.

Free time never came.

Time was now being wasted every morning to search for socks for each child.

Soon I found a bigger basket.

‘Cause I’m a let’s add insult to injury kind of gal.

More loads of laundry just meant more socks in the sock basket and soon this medium sized basket was full.

Are you surprised?

And the socks continued to multiply.

Before I knew it I was confiscating one of the kids’ laundry hampers.

And the sock hamper was born.

And it would probably take 5 days and nights of tireless work to match all of these socks up.

Creating a sock basket was the worse idea ever.


The birth of a sock hamper, was just insanity at it’s best.

Do not ever do it.

Just take my word for it.

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  1. elizabeth ward says:

    Try this… each kid has their own kind of socks and only that kind of sock. (works best with boys) You never have to fold them because they all match each other. just throw each kids sock in each kids basket (in their closet or drawer, etc.) Never match a sock again.

  2. Oh my gosh…that is too funny! We had a sock basket when our kids were younger..and we called it that too! Ours was for the one sock that made it through the washer and dryer without the matching sock that we swore up and down went in the washer too! When the sock basket was full, some of us would sit down and sort through them. That took forever! I would not recommend a sock basket to anyone either!!

  3. lol! We had one when I was a kid. I hated that thing! We would sit and watch Saturday morning cartoons and fold socks. No fun at all!

  4. Hi Crystal- yet again a brilliant post, just as I was thinking of having a sock basket! Just so that yo know the link to “50 sites to search for and share” doesn’t work.

  5. I thought I was the only one that did that. Lol….too funny.

  6. You are so right! I have one of these and no socks are ever in drawers.

  7. Too funny! I clicked over thinking you were talking about a sock mending basket which I can tell you in my experience is not something to start either. The fact is I will never get around to mending those teeny tiny holes. It’s much easier to buy new socks.

  8. This is hilarious! Thank you for the laugh. It’s a sad, knowing chuckle, really. I’ve been folding clothes this morning and my sock basket is staring at me- mocking me!

    My Wordless Wednesday post: A Little Whipped Cream on Top?

  9. Your post made me laugh…lol..because just two weeks ago I finally got rid of our sock basket…I’ve just started matching the socks I have and if there is some without a match it just goes in that kids sock drawer….I figured at least that way they at least have them in their rooms, in a drawer, and not all in one big basket…i swear it’d spend more time digging for socks than anything when trying to get everyone ready…not to mention, it always ended up in a corner of the living room and my husband hated it…lol…Glad to know I wasn’t the only one with one :0)

  10. Try a dot of permanent marker on the toe area–a different color for each kid. It will at least make it easier to match up the sizes of all those white socks. Then, this would fall under my one-minute rule: if you can do it in one minute, do it now. Only socks without a mate get to stay on in the laundry room. Even those get shifted to the appropriate sock drawer in a day or two. ( It’s amazing how many times socks sneak into cracks and crevices for weeks at a time.) I’ve turned bed making into a one minute job, too. The covers are pulled up before I’m even sitting up! Kids get a kick out of making the bed while still in it. It makes things look neat and tidy even when they’re not ;-}

  11. Ha! Very cute! When I was younger one of my friends mom’s once paid us 5cents a pair to sit and match socks while we watched a movie. I remember thinking it was great fun as a kid!

  12. We did the sock basket when the kids were younger and would work together on the socks and get paid for each pair. Then they wised up to the slave labor thing and only fished out the socks they needed. So I got each child a few of those large zipper-style mesh lingerie bags (about $2 at Target, sometimes available at dollar stores but be sure they are the bigger bags). Since each child was color-coded, I put the appropriate colored ribbon in the corner as a hanger, and these hung on their room hampers. When they wore a pair of socks, the dirties went into the bag till it was half full (or laundry day, whichever came first). If you fill them more than half full, the socks don’t get clean–this is why they have several bags. The bags get zipped shut, so the socks go into the washer in the bag, into the dryer in the bag, and into the color-coded kid pile in the bag, ready for that child to deal with matching her own socks. No more sock stress for mom!

  13. For the moderator: I didn’t catch the note about adding the http till after I’d hit SEND. My apologies.

  14. O.M.GEEEEEEEEE I feel your pain SISTA’! Gurl…I have “Sock Land” and it is VERY hard to flee from sock Land. Once you start a dumping ground for socks IT. WILL. NEVER. STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh, why did you have to remind me!!! =(
    hahaha..but, “Sock Mating” I like that one! 😉

  15. My mom had a sock drawer in the laundry room. Every month or so, it would drive her crazy and she offered us $0.05 for every pair we made. (It was usually money she would have given us anyway). That was my favorite day because I could make a few bucks and get some treats the next time we were at the store.

  16. We have a sock basket too. 6 kids. Lots of feet. Lots of socks. I feel your pain.


  17. Too funny! We actually do have a sock \”˜basket’ (really, it’s an old banker’s box…totally ghetto…please don’t judge!), but it’s reserved for socks that come out of the dryer without a mate. Seriously, that thing is NEVER empty!

  18. Such good advice! Although I am often very tempted:)

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