Easiest Ever (No Bake) Chocolate Pie

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I have a super fun, no bake, chocolate pie that your kids will love helping you make for Christmas!

You read that right…. no bake.rice krispies chocolate pie

Let me show you how super simple this is to create as a family!

how to make rice krispies chocolate pie





    • 1 c chocolate cake frosting


    • Christmas candy sprinkles




Make your base Rice Krispies recipe (which is 1 (7 oz) container of Kraft’s Jet-Puffed Marshmallow, 3 T butter and 6 c Rice Kripsies cereal) according to the box instructions.

Instead of putting the mixture into a square pan, we are going to put it into a pie dish.

rice krispies 1 (1)

My sweet little Luke (9) loved helping me with this part. I just gave him a spatula and he helped press it down into the pie plate.

Let the mixture cool completely before you add the frosting. I popped it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes, but you could just let it set on the counter for a while.

rice krispies 2

Once it is 100% cool, grab your chocolate icing and your Christmas sprinkles.

rice krispies 4

Kids love helping with this part too. Ice the top of the Rice Krispies pie just like you would a cake.

We left a nice edge all of the way around the pie of the Rice Krispies un-iced to give a pie crust feeling.

rice krispies 5

Next, add the sprinkles. This was my favorite part!

Doesn’t this look like a festive, awesome pie? We just loved it!

rice krispies 6

Use a pie cutter to slice it.

My husband was the first to try it out. Yum!


This is such a simple way to create in the kitchen together as a family.

I promise you, no one else will have one of these at your family’s Christmas dinner! This is totally what you should make and take!

Did you know that Rice Krispies is partnering with Toys for Tots: Treats for Toys; giving away holiday toys to children in need up to $50,000? Growing up as a child on angel trees year after year, this means the world to me. Children should not be forgotten this time of year!

How can you help make Christmas special? What is your favorite simple way to create with Rice Krispies for the holidays? Check out all of these ideas over on Rice Krispies Pinterest page!

Kellogg Company sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.


    1. Thanks Elise. This was so easy and so fun to make! The kids (and hubby) loved it!

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