How to Make Oreo Turkey Cookies

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Are you looking for fun Thanksgiving activities for kids? These Oreo turkey cookies are so cute!

They are perfect for a class or homeschool party.

Perfect activity for the kids to do on Thanksgiving after they eat turkey and dressing.

Are you ready to see how easy these are to make? Everyone will love them!

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turkey oreo cookies

Supplies (for 1 cookie):

Gather up your supplies.

Just put the store-bought icing in a ziplock bag. Use scissors to snip one corner of the bag so you can use it to pipe icing on the cookie. Set it aside  for the moment. We will use it soon.

how to make a turkey from a cookie

Take the candy corns and poke them into the filling of the cookie like the image below.

Fan them out to look like feathers.

Then, break the pretzel stick in half.

Pole them into the bottom part of the cookie to serve as turkey legs.

cookie turkey for thanksgiving

Then, pipe some icing onto the Whopper candy.

Place it in the middle of the cookie as the nose.

Break a small piece of the Starburst candy off and form it into a triangle.

Use the icing to secure it to the Whopper. This will serve as the turkey’s beak.

Finally, use the icing to secure the two candy eyes above the Whopper.

use candy to make a turkey cookie

Your turkey Oreo turkey will look like this when you’re done.

how to make a turkey with an oreo cookie

Super fun and super easy.

The kids can do it themselves, or you can help.

Check out our awesome video:


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How to Make Oreo Turkey Cookies

How to Make Oreo Turkey Cookies

These turkey Oreos are so cute and a great treat for Thanksgiving!


  • 1 Oreo cookie (or the like)
  • 5 candy corns
  • 1 stick pretzel
  • 1 Whopper
  • 1 Starburst candy
  • 2 candy eyes
  • 1 T of store bought white icing


  • scissors
  • ziploc bag


  1. Put some of the white icing into the ziploc bag. Snip a small corner of the ziploc bag to pipe the icing.
  2. Push the candy corns gently into the cookie frosting, careful not to break the cookie apart.
  3. Snap the pretzel stick in half and stick through the bottom of the cookie sandwich for the legs.
  4. Using the icing, squeeze some on the Whopper candy and stick in the center of cookie. This will be part of the nose.
  5. Pinch a small piece of the Starburst candy and dab some icing on to make the turkey beak. Stick to the Whopper candy.
  6. Using a small amount of icing secure the eyes to the cookie above the nose you just created.


  1. I made some oreo turkey cookies similar to these and found that I should have used the double stuffed ones, the candy corn would have gone into them a lot better then the regular oreo’s.

    1. Excellent point. That is what I used was the double stuffed.

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