Pirate Cupcakes

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Love these (said in a singy-song-voice).

I love making cupcakes for my kids’ birthdays. I think I have officially said that 100 times on my blog now.

Sorry. But I do. It is fun to me.

But, I do not always have tons of time to bake them and decorate.

Imagine that.

Here are some fun and easy cupcakes I made for the twins’ birthday months ago.

It really can be simple to spruce up cupcakes to go with your birthday theme and not break the bank.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Start with your favorite boxed cake mix and make according to the directions.
Using some fun pirate cupcake liners can really spruce things up a bit. You can usually find pirate stuff year round, but especially keep an eye out at Halloween time. Grab it when it goes on clearance and stash it away. We chose these, which came with some cool pix.
Use my homemade buttercream icing recipe or use Wilton’s boxed version of whipped cream that always comes out perfect. (I use this stuff all the time.)
Then tint your icing any shade of blue you like. I mixed a teal and a royal blue- I wanted to capture the color of water. (I like Wilton’s gel icing tint.)
You’re going to use a big star tip, like the one pictured above, to ice the cupcakes.
The one in this picture is a Marpol 4B that I purchased at a local cake shop. Makes big waves on your icing.
The opal sanding sugar is perfect for sprinkling over the cupcakes once they are iced to give a shimmery watery look.
(The above picture is minus the sanding sugar, but you get the idea.)
Now, gather up the things you want to use to decorate. I bought a few small, plastic, inexpensive, pirate men that the birthday boys could keep as souvenirs. I also found some chocolate coins at the cake shop, but I’ve used plastic coins before as well. And the pix that came with your cupcake holders… and you’re one rockin’ mom!
Here are our finished cupcakes:
The kids love these and the parents cannot resist them either.
Soon, everyone will be pointing and laughing at one another with blue teeth and lips.
And don’t forget to pair these with super fun pirate birthday shirts and these affordable yummy party favors.


  1. just out of curiosity, what technique did you use to put the frosting on to get that look? in circles or whatever??

    1. Nicole- it is a large star tip (1M) that i just went from left to right with. Does that make sense?

  2. yes thanks for your help. cant wait to do these for his birthday

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