Potato Soup and Mexican Cornbread Recipe

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Last night I made the homemade potato soup. It was really good.

I told you the recipe is from one of my Grandmother’s recipe books that she gave me.

Well, I still can not lay my hands on that book. I remember using it this time last year’ish… I pray I do not find it cut and marked in somewhere (NICHOLAS!).

It was really good. This is how you make it. Totally went off of memory and it turned out perfect!

Step by Step How to Make Homemade Potato Soup

Potato Soup
5 lb bag of russet potatoes
4 stalks of celery diced
2 cups shredded cheese
2-3 cups of milk depending on how creamy you want it
splash or two of heavy whipping cream only if you have it on hand
salt and pepper to taste

green onions and leftover shredded cheese for garnish

1) Peel, rinse and dice the entire bag of potatoes and place them in a large cooking pot. It will cook down a lot. Don’t fear!

2) Toss in your diced stalks of celery as well.

3) Cover in water just as if you were boiling these for mashed potatoes.

4) Throw in a little bit of salt, too.

5) Boil until most of the water cooks down.

6) Drain and put them back into the pot.

7) Take a whisk or masher and mush the potatoes and celery leaving some chunks for hardy soup lovers.

8) While everything is still hot, put in about 1.5- 2 cups of cheese (save a little cheese to top each bowl). Stir the cheese and potatoes to combine.

9) Add in your milk. Play with it… I think I used about 3 cups. If you want it thicker use less. Just eyeball it as you go.

10)If you have some whipping cream put in a few chugs. (I had some on hand for another recipe… so I thought what the heck… my Grandmother’s recipe did not call for it… good though.)

11)Stir, making sure everything is well combined but leaving some chunks. Salt and pepper to taste.

I always top each bowl with leftover shredded cheese and green onions (for those who will eat them at my house). Garrett put some sour cream on his, which made me think you could easily make this a baked potato’ish soup- put some leftover bacon from breakfast or bacon bits on it.

Mexican Cornbread
Prepare two packages of whatever cornbread mix you like according to the directions (last night i used Jiffy last week I used Martha White).

Mix in one can of cream of corn.

Mix in about 1 cup of shredded cheese.

Place this in a greased or sprayed pie plate or 9×9 or you could cook it in a 9×13 for thinner cornbread. Whatever floats your boat… and your kid’s boats.

You can chop up some jalapenos and put them just in the section that adults will be eating (or Mommy’s section at our house).

Cook on 400 degrees for probably 30 minutes until nice and brown and a knife comes out clean.

I am not good at photographing food and making it look appealing, but next time I will try!

This meal was delicious, very filling and very inexpensive!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Finally the potato soup recipe! What else can I make with it? You know Mike needs meat! Ham or what????

  2. Kim, I mean Ms. Anonymous, (ha) yes, ham or sliced smoked sausage would go great with the soup. And, whatever you have left, save it and use it as your 'cream of potato' for Chicken Pot Pie…. that is what I am doing! It freezes well for that purpose.

    Let me know if Mike and the kids like it. It was yum!

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