Spring Do a Dot Printables for Preschoolers

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Matthew and I’ve had so much fun doing these preschool do a dot printables! We love to incorporate them into our homeschool day. These printables are also perfect for parents doing preschool at home with their kiddos or just supplementing as time together at the kitchen table for extra skill development and enrichment.

This month our theme focuses on Spring, just in time for the seasons changing!

We are going to incorporate many skills. The do a dots are a great fine motor skill and following directions activity. We will do letter recognition, counting, adding, recognizing colors and using crayons for the kid color pages.

We like to break these pages up over a couple of days. I prefer that learning is fun for Matthew (who will be 5 soon). You do what works best for your little one. You can do one a day, all at once, or in small chunks.

Also, feel free to do these in any order you want.

Let’s get started.

preschool do a dot printables spring

You Will Need:

This page focuses on recognizing the big S and the little s.

Have your little one use a yellow do a dot marker on all of the big S’s.

Then have them use an orange do a dot marker to find all of the small ones.

preschool do a dot printables spring

Next let’s count!

Let your little one use whatever color do a dot marker they want to count each section.

1 sun

2 pinwheels

3 swings

4 tulips


preschool do a dots spring counting

This page is fun for building those fine motor skills.

Find your green do a dot marker and fill in all of the circles on the tree.

Then use the yellow do a dot marker to fill in all the circles on the sun.

Use the red do a dot marker for the wagon and which ever colors you choose for the flower-pot, watering can and wagon wheels.

This is such a fun page!

preschool do a dot printables tree wagon and sun


This page involves process of illumination. You can skip it if your little one is too young.

Mark the things that happen in Spring with the orange do a dot marker.

Mark the things that happen  in the Fall with a blue do a dot marker.


preschool do a dot printables what happens in spring

Now let’s add!

Mark the dots under each image and count out loud.

This simple math is so much fun!


spring do a dots adding by 2s

We love kids color pages! This is perfect for older kids too.

Be creative and color the Spring picture as we welcome the warmer weather!

preschool do a dot printables color pages


And finally there is a simple maze.

Use a do a dot marker of your choice to follow the bike to the park! Another great fine motor skill!

preschool do a dot printables mazes




  1. These are wonderful worksheets for young children. Just what I was looking for! Thank you.

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  3. stephanie says:

    Great collection! Thanks for sharing at After School!

  4. These are great Crystal!! Love the addition one, definitely going to use these with both my daughters! I love that I can use them with both that way they are both happy 🙂

  5. These printables are wonderful! Thank you so much!!

  6. Cute Spring activities

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