20 Preschool Learning Manipulatives

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Preschool learning is such a fun process. There are so many fun and unique ways to teach your preschooler and half the time they know they are just having fun and do not realize they are building on some essential early learning skills.

There are a number of preschool learning manipulatives that will make for teaching your preschooler core concepts so easy! Check out these essential learning tools!

1. Mathlink Cubes– these cubes are counting to 100 by ones and tens, grouping, and one-to-one correspondence as well as linking them together on all sides. Each cube also has geometric shape cutouts for more complex patterning activities.

2. Geometric Solids – These geometric solids are perfect for shape learning. The set includes transparent 3-D shapes in bright colors that can be filled.

3. Plastic Pattern Blocks Activity Pack -These basic learning manipulatives are perfect for learning shapes and identifying patterns with 125 plastic pattern blocks with 12 design templates to use.

4. Puzzle Shaped Block Set – These jumbo sized puzzle pieces are great for small hands. These are great for building strong hand-eye coordination.

5. Clip Connect Interlocking Building Set– This set of 100 bold pieces interlocks and connects to create all kinds of creative applications. These are so much fun for preschoolers to practice spatial skills and dexterity.

6. Stack It Peg Game– This set of pegs and boards in an assortment of colors allows for stacking and creating while expanding hand-eye coordination.

7. Lacing and Stringing Beads – Lace and strong beads with patterns and colors of variation and a handy tote are included. Great for on the go learning as well.

8. Zip, Snap, Button, Buckle, Lace & Tie Set– This set helps with cognitive learning skills as well as spatial skills. Problem-solving techniques are also something to concentrate on as well.

9. Beads and Pattern Card Set– This set includes 20 activity cards and 108 colorful beads for matching and identifying patterns.

10.Three Bear Family Counters– These bears are so much fun for preschoolers and the set comes with 3 sizes and weights and in 4 different colors. These are great for abstract math concepts.

11. Three Bear Family Counting Pattern Cards– These cards pair perfectly with the bear counters. Follow patterns and build visual learning skills in the process.

12. Interlocking Building Blocks Playset – This set of building blocks come in a number of sizes, colors, and shapes for promoting creative learning and stronger spatial skills.

13. Alphabet Objects– This set has an object for each letter of the alphabet as well as manipulatives for identifying early letter sounds and word development. These are great for building on the dynamics of early reading.

14. Counting Math – This is a great tool for developing visualized learning math. The set including number tiles and sticks for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

15. Alphabet Soup Set– This set of soup cans contains objects and letters for alphabet learning while also early vocabulary skills, language, and spatial skills.

16. Transparent Counting Chips – This set comes with 250 counting chips that vary in transparent color. These are perfect for counting, sorting, patterns, and early math.

17. Tangrams– This set includes 28 pieces for building and identifying shapes. This manipulative is great for size comparison, spatial reasoning, and creative design.

18. Fidget Snap and Click Puzzle Links – There are 24 links to snap and click together. Make patterns and shapes while also improving fine motor skills and problem-solving techniques.

19. Gears– There are 80 pieces to this interlocking gear set which promotes both creativity for preschoolers and spatial reasoning plus they are super fun!

20. Shape Bean Bags – This set of 8 bean bags comes in different shapes of colors. These are so awesome for shape recognition for preschoolers.

What manipulatives are you using for your preschooler? Share your favorites!

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