Preschool Letter Worksheets: D is for Dog

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Our preschool letter worksheets are perfect for Matthew (4) as I teach him his alphabet. They allow us the opportunity to tackle a new letter each week.

These free printables go well with our letter of the week preschool crafts.

Let me show you how we use these in our homeschool day with Matthew.

preschool letter worksheets d is for dog printable


You Will Need:

We get our do a dot marker (I let him pick which color he wants to use) and the printable.

We identify what a big D and a little d look like on the worksheet.

d is for dog preschool letter worksheets

I use my alphabet flip book to find our letter as well. (I have a super easy and affordable tutorial for making your own flip book.)

We find the Dd card.

We say the letter, make the sound and same the name of the picture on the card.(Pretend that is the Dd card. I totally forgot to take a picture.)

how to make an alphabet flipbook on the cheap

Matthew starts use the do a dot marker to find the big D’s and little d’s.

This printable has a a lot of letters that look like D and d. There are P and p, B and b, Q and q.

He really confused the little d’s with the other lowercase letters. I reminded him that a little d has a circle then a line. That really helped him. We could go one by one and check them so he was sure not to confuse them.

preschool letter worksheets d is for dog

Once he was done marking all of the D’s and d’s, he wanted to count them.

preschool letter worksheets

Then, he always likes to color the picture on the worksheet.

This time he not only colored the picture but pretended the letters like it was a word find like he has seen his bigger brothers do.

I just let him lead.

free printable preschool letter worksheet

More Letter of the Week Ideas for Dd:


  1. I love your “Find the Letter” for D. Do you have one for each of the letters?

  2. Sinea Pies says:

    Crystal, I teach preschool and this week is D is for Dog. Can hardly wait to use your worksheet and craft. The kids will LOVE it!

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