Preschool Letter Worksheets: Do a Dot Printable (Letter A)

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I absolutely loved sharing the letter of the week preschool crafts with you guys. Anna from The Measured Mom did an amazing job making  a new creation for us each week!

But we can’t stop there. For those of us who homeschool and/or are looking for preschool curriculum we can do at home, these activities are perfect for us. What better than to add preschool letter worksheets to our collection here!?

You’re going to love these free printables and so will your preschooler! They are so easy, you just print them out and your little one will love learning their alphabet.

Today we are going to share the preschool letter worksheet for the letter Aa. You will notice that the them A is for Alligator is also captured on this printable. It ties in perfectly with your letter of the week alligator craft. My sweet friend Kelli from 3 Boys and a Dog is making these printables for us each week.

preschool letter worksheets letter A do a dot printable

Preschool Letter Worksheets Tutorial

You Will Need:

  • letter Aa printable   <<—— scroll to the bottom to print
  • do a dot art markers
  • crayons for coloring the alligator (optional)

Print out the preschool letter worksheet for A.

preschool letter worksheets do a dot printable (letter Aa)


Let your little one choose their favorite do a dot art marker.

do a dot art for preschool letter worksheets

We have a dry erase board in our dining area on the wall next to our dinner table. This is where we do all of our school work.

I wrote Aa on the board to reinforce it for Matthew (who is 4).

We said the letter out loud together.

preschool letter worksheets (a is for alligator)

I grabbed our alphabet flip book that we made a few weeks back. (Check out the link at the end of this post to be directed to the tutorial for making your own flip book on the cheap.)

Matthew pointed at the letter Aa in the flip book. We said the letter out loud, we said the name of the picture (apple) and we made the Aa sound together.

preschool letter worksheets A is for apple

Now that he knows what the letter looks like, he started marking with the do a dot art markers all of the big A’s and little a’s on the sheet.

preschool letter worksheets printable A is for alligator

He was so thorough and wanted to learn.

He marked every one of the A’s and a’s.

preschool letter worksheets do a dot printable for A

Then, he wanted to color the alligator.

He took his crayons and markers and did just that.

preschool letter worksheets do a dot printable for A

And we were all done. He was so proud of his work and wanted to show his brothers.

The next day we pulled the worksheet back out and he instantly remember the name of the letter and the sound it makes.

I am so proud of him!

And it is that simple. This is how you use the preschool letter worksheets that we will do for each letter of the alphabet.

More Letter of the Week Ideas for Aa:


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this printable! My daughter will love it.

  2. These are cute! Thank you for sharing! My kids love anything the can use do-a-dot markers for 🙂

    I found your post on the Friday Flash Blog.

  3. Just wanted to let you know you were featured on Mom’s Library this week! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you so much far sharing – my little man will love this 😀

  5. Hey there! So glad to have found your blog! I love these resources! We have a couple other Letter activity posts we follow, and we do a letter a week at home after her JK Class taught in a daycare Ctr. My LO has developmental delays so I take extra time to teach her after school! However, once she realizes I’m trying to teach her she resists! lol! Then, I research for more different materials that she doesnt recognize ;D Like yours! Thank you for making these sheets available to all for free!!!
    New Follower, Jeanine 😉

    1. That is what I love about these letter of the week and do a dot activities- kids are learning without it feeling like they are learning. So much fun!

      Happy these activities are ones you can use!

  6. Wendy Ewald says:

    How do I get all your letter worksheets? I love the Do-a-dot worksheets!

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  8. Every time I try and print off the do a dot printable it cuts part of the picture off. Is there any other way to download these so i can print off the entire page?

    1. Are you printing them in Portrait and not Landscape orientation?

  9. Love your ideas found here. I’m adding this to my featured posts at Meaningful Mama. Thanks so much for linking up at Mom’s Library. I hope you’ll be there again this week.

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