Preschool Letter Worksheets: Do a Dot Printable (Letter B)

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Do you love teaching your preschooler at home? Are you doing letter of the week crafts as your little one learns their ABC’s?

Last week I started sharing preschool letter worksheets with you guys that you can print for free. Each worksheet focuses on a new letter of the alphabet and ties in perfectly with our letter of the week crafts.

Your preschooler uses do a dot markers to identify the letter of the week that you are working on.

This week our worksheet focuses on the letter Bb. What better way to do this than to tie this printable in with our B is for Butterfly preschool craft and B is for Butterfly snack idea?!

preschool letter worksheets B

Preschool Letter Worksheets Tutorial

You Will Need:

Print out your free letter Bb printable.

preschool letter worksheets b is for butterfly

Discuss the letter Bb and the sound it makes.

Show them how to write the big B and little b on a dry erase board, chalk board or piece of paper.

letter of the week b

Grab your ABC flip book. (A link to the tutorial which shows you how to make your own is at the end of this post.)

Practice tracing the letter.

Say the sound it makes.

letter of the week ABC flip book

Let your preschooler use the do a dot markers to find the big B’s and little b’s on the printable.

Matthew (4) was able to identify big A’s and little a’s from last week on this printable.

Matthew did mark some of the wrong letters today- like p, q and d. But that is ok. Talk about the mistakes and how they look different from Bb.

preschool letter worksheets (free printable)

Break out the crayons and/or markers.

Let them color the butterfly.

(Notice Matthew colored his arms with a red marker. That was supposed to wash off easily. Not so much.)

crayons and markers

Instead of coloring the butterfly, Matthew wanted to trace around the letters like it was a maze.  Have at it. Let them be creative.

For a preschooler who has more developed scissor skills, you could certainly let them cut the butterfly out after they color it.

There is also space, if you choose not to cut the butterfly, for your child to practice writing their name above or below the butterfly.

preschool letter worksheets letter of the week

Matthew wanted to use the back of his paper to draw a robot.

I loved watching him be creative.

free drawing

Really, it is about having fun while learning and making memories together.

My older kids like to give their input on Matthew’s work as well and they like to coach him along. I love that it can be a family effort.

More Letter of the Week Ideas for Bb:

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  1. Hey, I googled and also found your B for Butterfly …. With the ages and prints on contact paper on window. Awesome that you’ve used two different B examples now. Many Thanks again ! I just love it here LOL

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