Preschool Letter Worksheets: Do a Dot Printable (Letter C)

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Are you and your preschooler going over the alphabet together? Are you taking it one letter at a time?

This is what I am doing with my little Matthew (4) as he learns his ABC’s. We are calling it the letter of the week .

Right now we are learning the letter Cc. Each week I am sharing with you new preschool letter worksheets that go over the letter we are learning. These printables go perfectlywith our letter of the week crafts, best children’s books listings and snack ideas.

Have you ever seen do-a-dot markers? Oh man, your little kids will love them! They resemble “bingo dobbers” and they work perfectly for these find a letter printables.

C is for car. Let’s find all of the big C’s and little c’s!

preschool letter worksheets c is for car

Preschool Letter Worksheets Tutorial

You Will Need:

Print out your free letter Cc printable.

preschool printable worksheets for letter C

I like to write the letter Cc on my dry erase board. This board is mounted on the wall in our dining room right next to our kitchen table. This is where the majority of our homeschool day takes place.

c is for cat letter of the week printable

I get out our alphabet flip book and we find this week’s letter. I made this flip book on the cheap and you can make one too! A link to the simple tutorial is at the end of this post.

We say the letter, we say the picture and we say the sound the letter makes.

Matthew was so proud of himself for doing this. When I first made this book a few months back, he had no interest in learning or saying the sounds each letter makes.

c is for cat alphabet flipbook

He went through and quickly identified all of the C’s.

He used his do-a-dot marker to mark each one.

do a dot preschool printable c is for car

By this time 0ur dog had hopped up next to Matthew.

Matthew counted how many C’s he had marked. The dog listened.

preschool letter worksheet c is for car

Right now Matthew is learning how to write his name. I am on the hunt for name practice for preschoolers. I took this opportunity to utilize the free space on this printable for Matthew to work on tracing his name.

Another fun thing you can do is give your preschooler crayons and let them color the car as you talk more about the letter Cc.

name practice for preschool

How fun was that?

More Letter of the Week Ideas for Cc:


  1. Love your site. Do you have more Letter of the Week (like the car for C ) for the rest of the Alphabet? If so… would love to purchase them.

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