Privacy While Blogging Publicly- Bloggy Boot Camp Style

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Did you know that by the age of two years old, 92% of children have an online presence?
Are we really able to preserve our privacy while blogging publicly?
Do you blog under a different name and think that keeps your life more private and safe?
Is it possible to have private registrations when registering our domains?
Can readers get our home address?
What about Facebook and Twitter? How much are bloggers really putting themselves out there?
Jessica Gottlieb is a very established blogger and is super smart about the topic of privacy. She broke it all down for us at Bloggy Boot Camp.
And guess what? Jessica captured her talk and slides on her website and you can listen to it and take notes for yourself. If you are a blogger or using ANY social network sites (like Facebook or Twitter) you must listen to her presentation! Must!
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Come back tomorrow and I will share my SEO notes from another fantastic speaker! (Search Engine Optimization)


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to her site! I didn't know where to find it!

  2. Jessica Gottlieb says:

    Thank you for sharing the link. Bloggy Boot Camp is the most amazing group of women, and I'm just so thrilled to be around y'all.

    Now, I'm thinking I might make the halloween marshmallow treats at the top of the page. I'll take pictures for you… thinking I might make you look good. (I'm NOT crafty)

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