25 Recycling Activities for Kids

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If your kids are like mine they are total nature buffs. They love exploring things out in our yard, at the park, as well as up close and personal. There are a lot of really interesting and fun activities for kids that can be done in celebration of Earth Day, which is just around the corner. These will certainly be a hit for those kiddos you may have that are all about nature!

Know what else I love? Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids all about the importance of taking care of the Earth and also being frugal. Some of the coolest things can be made using recyclables. So it is time to get creative! Check out these 25 totally recycled activities perfect for Earth Day!

25 recycling activities kids will love

Earth Day Activities for Kids

1. Don’t throw out those old cracker and cereal boxes. Make them into these Recyclable Puzzles and talk about other ways to recycle with your kids. Munchkins and Moms

2. The preschoolers and kiddos in your house will totally love this STEM Recycled Building done right in your house! Busy Toddler

3. This super cute Earth Day Tree is made special from reused egg cartons and is so much fun! Glued To My Crafts

4. You can easily teach your small tot or preschooler all about recycling with this Sorting Recyclables Earth Day Activity. Munchkins and Moms

5. Your kids can really get creative when making their own Earth Day Collage with some old magazine clippings. I Heart Crafty Things

6. With some food coloring and creative thinking this Eggshell Mosaic activity of the Earth is a perfect hands on activity! Pepper Scraps

7. Create and watch this Plantable Earth Craft grow right in your own front yard! Modern Parents Messy Kids

8. Watch the water cleansing process with a set up of your own Water Filtering System that the kids can totally build. Teach Me Mommy

9. Have them make their very own Jar Terrariums where they are regrowing plants. Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds

10. Understand the process of product breakdown with this super cool Compost In A Bottle Idea. The Seeds Network

11. Your kids can catch bugs and watch them within their own Simple Bug Hotel which is really interesting! Red Ted Art

12. This Paper Making Activity is a really awesome way to get even the littlest of hands involved in an Earth Day project! Tinkerlab

13. This super cool Water Pollution Activity will have your kiddos working their minds for sure! MPM Ideas

14. Get out there and have some fun right along with them and use up all of those pesky plastic bags with these Plastic Bag Kites. Munchkins and Moms

15. Check out this Where Does Our Trash Go Activity that is absolutely perfect for Earth Day. Rain or Shine Mamma

16. This cute Bird Nests are made entirely of old materials that are reused! Art Bar

17. Have the kids make this very delightful Garden Art that uses up reused materials and bottle caps. Suburbia Unwrapped

18. This activity can last all week! Check out this Litter Bug Activity that uses creative minds and old materials. Yearn to Learn

19. These Toilet Paper Roll Cars are so cool and perfect for small figurine play. A Little Pinch of Perfect

20. Here is another great egg carton activity that makes these sweet little Egg Carton Turtles. Emma Owl

21. Check out these Recycled Tin Can Planters that would even be a great gift from your child! Live Craft Love

22. With a few recyclables and a little time this Recycled Can Bird Feeder is a great addition to your garden. Momtastic

23. Who knew that you could make a sturdy Paper Basket completely out of old newspaper! The San Francisco Globe

24. Your kids will adore their creations with this Recycled Plastic Lid Wind Chime that is so cool. Crafts By Amanda

25. Make this DIY Water Wall that can be hours of fun play for your kids. Tinkerlab

What are you crafting up with recycled materials on Earth Day? Share your ideas!


  1. I meant to do something special for earth day, but we ARE going to the recycling center this week to drop off any unsafe materials I’ve cleaned out of the folk’s garage! Thanks for bringing this by Throwback Thursday last week – Sorry I didn’t get a chance to comment earlier!!


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