SEO for the Non-Robots a Bloggy Boot Camp Recap

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Angela England is my new hero.


Amazingly brilliant does not even begin to explain her knowledge level when it comes to SEO and just building your blog period. And she seems to be pretty self taught.

She spoke last weekend at Bloggy Boot Camp. She is the creator is Untrained Housewife, she has a site for helping women learn to make money with online writing and is also the Editor in Chief of Blissfully Domestic. Angela is also the author of ebook Making Money Blogging. She does all of this while being home with her four children.

Angela absolutely inspired me. Here is what she had to say about SEO. The term I have been throwing around for the last year and my friends look at me like what the heck- she’s gone crazy.

From the start, remember these things:

  • Google is literal. Keep this at the front of your mind as you title every post.  
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, when you search for words online and they lead you  to a website or blog.  
  • Better search engine results go hand in hand with a higher Google page rank.  
  • Better search engine implementation on your part, means new readers will find you
  • Content on your blog is what attracts readers and a relationship is what keeps them.  
  • Buy your own domain– like yesterday. Get rid of blogspot and own your domain. Think about it- are you in for the long haul, or just testing the blogging waters? What is the message your domain says to your readers as well as those looking to hire you? 
  • Owning your domain will make you sellable and brandable.  
  • Google gives more weight in the search engine to owned domains.

Blogging A B C’s
Active Title
1) Remember Google is literal.
2) Angela gave this example:  If you are preparing a post about the best homemade pizza you’ve ever made, would you title it:
Making Everyone Happy in the Family
Making Homemade Pizza for Family Dinner Nights
Which of the two post options is going to be best understood by our literal friend, Google?
Yes, Making Homemade Pizza for Family Dinner Nights.
3) When people search how to make pizza or homemade pizza or pizza tutorial, etc. you want to come up in their word search.
Bolded Subheadings
1) Google loves and acknowledges bolded subheadings. When you’re typing, break thing up into topics with subheadings. Essentially what we are doing in this post.
2)  Your readers will appreciate it.
Cut Away Fluff
1) Keep your posts to 150-400 words.
2) Get to the point and stay focused.
Other helpful tips:
  • Naturally include keyword rich links in your posts. Don’t make it sound forced.  
  • Do not type the words click here and link something. This is not an effective method for linking.  
  • Use ALT tag in your images. Give your photos names and captions. (I have not done this well at all….) 
  • Go to and follow her 30 day step by step plan to improve your SEO. (Laurie from Tip Junkie nodding yes.)
  • Search Google to find keywords in your niche and use those keywords in your post. When searching Google for keywords put ” ” around the word you are searching.
  • Use keyword search results to brainstorm new article ideas to write about.

 If you ever get the opportunity to hear her speak in person, do it!


  1. ♥ Brittany Ciara ♥ says:

    I LOVE YOU for this! I lost my notebook with ALL my notes on Angela's presentation and I was sooo sad! But I'm glad you put this up!

    Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! 🙂

  2. Brittany- sorry you lost your note book. That stinks!

    Glad this is helpful.

  3. Young Yoga Masters says:

    Yikes, I see how much more I could be doing. I'm about to launch my first e-product so this is great info! Thanks.

  4. I've been having the hardest time with this. I write on my blog, and have had it going for the last 9 months, but with small steps in readers and even less with comments. Thanks so much. This is a HUGE help! 🙂

  5. my head is swimming….so much I don't get and so much to do. thanks for all the links and all the info!!

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