Shape Activities for Kids

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Do you have a little one you’re teaching shapes to? Are you on the hunt for shape activities for kids to make learning fun?

Have you ever heard of a book called Mouse Shapes? It is by Ellen Stoll Walsh and is the precious story of three clever little mice who use shapes to create things.

They use a triangle and a square to make a house.

They use a rectangle and two circles to make a wagon.

Guess what they use to make a fish?


shape activities for kids


Shapes are a great way to create things and encourage a child to use their imagination.

While you enjoy this story encourage your kids to create things.

Here are seven pages of shapes in many sizes and many colors.

Print them out and let your little ones practice their scissor skills cutting out each shape.

Think of all the things they can create!

Print all seven pages of the printable shapes here.  <<—— click to print 

There are blue circles.


shape 1

There are orange diamonds.

shape 2


There are yellow squares.

shape 3

There are blue triangles.

shape 4

There are orange triangles.

shape 6


There are purple hexagons.

shape 7

And there are green ovals.

Think of all the things you can create.

shape 8Let your little ones have fun arranging and creating.

mouse shapes

And while you’re here, check out all of the amazing books by Ellen Stoll Walsh. She has books that are perfect for kids learning colors, shapes and numbers!

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I hope that you enjoy these activities!




  1. What a smart idea for a book/activity pairing! My little guy has learned most of his shapes, but we still need to work on the diamond and making things out of shapes. Thanks for the printables!

    1. So glad you like it Donella. The possibilities are endless! My kids love to use their imagination and these printables are a perfect way to do just that!

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