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Yesterday we stopped by a local florist to order flowers for my mother-in-law’s birthday.

Our local mom and pop flower shop is owned by a super sweet couple and the shop is right off a busy street. Every time I go in there they have rescued a new cat or a new dog. Most of the time these animals have no tags. So, they will nurse the animal back to health and then find a new owner.

Yesterday was not exception. My kids followed this tiny little puppy around the flower shop. This sweet puppy who had dodged a car on the busy street just days before.

When we left the flower shop, I loaded my kids in the car and we drove away. We were just about a mile down the road when Nicky asks…

Nicky: Mom, is it Sunday?

Me: No baby, it is Wednesday. Why do you ask?

Nicky: Because you said on Sunday I could get a dog.

Me: No honey, I said someday. Like someday when you’re bigger and you can remember to feed him and water him and walk him. Someday when we do not have carpet in case he has an accident. Someday.

Nicky: Ok, someday. How many days is that?

He really wants a dog. Or a cat. He settled for a fish on his birthday. He watches her. Talks to her. Puts lettuce in her fish tank. (She is a girl Beta and he always, ALWAYS, refers to her as she.) She is swimming, Mommy. She is hungry. She likes her food.

Someday we will get a dog. Someday.

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  1. says:

    Your son is so precious.
    My kids are also waiting for that someday for their dog…someday when we own our own house 😉 For now they are content with their stick insect and fighting fish. They too will have a dog someday….

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