Starch is a lot like hairspray

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Lenny must be right- the mischievous gene is hereditary and all children I have birthed inherit it from me!

The other day the twins and I were taking a nap. I was completely exhausted! After they put me to sleep they got up and decided it would be fun to get the starch from Mommy’s room. The can was about half full. Nicholas emptied it in Luke’s hair. In the mist of this I become coherent and realize what is going on. Luke is standing there with completely drenched hair and the can now empty. Nicholas did not miss a strand of hair!Wet hair and all I put them back down for a nap, sure not to let my eyes close.

You may wonder what Luke’s hair was like when he awoke from him nap….. stiff as a board and going in every direction. I have never seen such a thing!

The moral of the story? I suppose the next time you are out of hairspray, starch works just as well?!?!

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