Summer Activities for Kids: Throw a Pajama Party

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Do you really need a reason to party?

Yes, you can throw a birthday party on your child’s birthday, but that does not have to be the only reason to party.

If your little ones are begging for some boredom busters I have the perfect summer activities for kids! Let’s throw a pajama party!

And, who better to have a pajama party with than The Pajanimals?

Everyone comes in their pj’s, you can watch movies and do fun things like color sheets. (And kids do not have to spend the night. Think outside the box and do this in the middle of the day if you’re not wanting to host kids over night.)

pajanimals party

We are going to keep this simple and budget friendly.

The treats can be easy, like store-bought cookie and mini cupcakes.

(Don’t want cookies and cupcakes? Serve doughnuts!)

cupcakes and cookies

Keep the decorations simple. I love these tissue paper clouds.

party decoration

You can get The Pajanimals party supplies like plates, napkins, cups and a table cover. This is an easy and effortless ways to take your party to the next level.

pajanimal party supplies

Give each child a party favor box with free printables  color sheets and crayons.

Here are two color sheet: brush your teeth and spring forward activity color sheet.

pajanimal party favor box

Throwing a pajama party in the middle of the day on a summer afternoon sounds like the perfect boredom buster if you ask me.

What do you think?

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