The Mommy Club: Share Your Resources and Solutions #33

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Did you see all of the useful mom ideas shared here last week? There were over 100 of them. If you missed them make sure you check them out. There is always something new for us to learn from each other.

Here are the five most clicked solutions and resources from last week.

  1. Always Learning shares something great each week. Something to make us better. Last week she shared her views on the lost art of homemaking. All I can say is, I am guilty and I know I can do better.
  2. Fake-It Frugal shared how to make Fake Betty Crocker Mixes from scratch. Ties in perfectly with the lost art of homemaking. Just sayin’.
  3. Life’s Simple Measures shared a Pina Colada Dip that will be perfect as the weather gets warmer. Did you know spring break is just weeks away?
  4. A Daddy Blog shred 10 Things Police Wish You Knew About Answering the Doorbell. And it is true, many home robberies happen during the day, we have been told that many times by the police involved in our neighborhood watch program. Read his tips, they are excellent!
  5. A Balanced Life shared her 6 Favorite Children’s Board Games and how she finds them on a budget. She does not pay over $5 a game. Smart!

Make sure you hop over and check out Shannon’s favorite three picks from last week over at Milk and Cuddles.

We cannot wait to see what you plan to share this week. There is so much to learn! Place The Mommy Club button on your post, or tag back to us. That way your readers know where to find excellent mom ideas just like yours.


  1. Erin @ How to Nest for Less says:

    THanks for hosting again this week!

  2. Hi,
    I shared a recipe for a Cacao Date Energy Bar. Also, an article about the sacred foods for a healthy pregnancy and birth, and article about fructose, as well as an article about the different gut bacteria found in autistic children.

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for hosting and featuring me today!

    This week I’m sharing the work I’ve been doing in my yard plus tips and resources for getting ready for spring in the garden. Seems my ds3 is already ahead of me in the preparations. Yesterday he dumped out many of my vegetable seeds in one of the beds. I have to restock at Home Depot this weekend.

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  5. I shared a post about how to do a healthy pantry and kitchen makeover. It’s an excerpt from an eBook that will guide you through a complete kitchen and
    pantry makeover, which can be downloaded for FREE on my website. It’s kinda like taking a personal tour of my kitchen and pantry! It is really good for newbies,
    but you may find tips there as well.


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