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Welcome to a new week of  The Mommy Club. I loved all 143 resources and solutions that you linked up last week. It’s not too late to take a peek!  I am certain you’ll find something useful.

Here are the Top 5 Most Clicked Links from Last Week!

#1 Most Clicked Link- Sassy Sauce

#1 Sassy Sauce was linked up by i Dream of Clean, “We already know that vinegar has a 1001 uses but it’s quite possible that this is a use for vinegar you haven’t thought of before: Sassy Sauce.” Of course you use the sauce sparingly on your kids when they get a bit too sassy!

#2 Most Clicked Link- My Mom Finally Loves My Dad

#2 Lori over at Always Learning linked up a very heartfelt post, My Mom Finally Loves My Dad. Stop over and read this if you are married or going to get married. It is awesome!

#3 Most Clicked Video on The Secrets of Curling Your Hair with a Straight Iron

#3 Meagan over at Sunshine and Sippy Cups shared the link to her video on The Secrets of Curling Your Hair with a Straight Iron. If you’ve every wondered how then watch the video! It is easily explained!

#4 Most Clicked Link How to Make Homemade Lip Gloss

#4 Making Memories With Your Kids shared a very fun mommy solution to use at your next girl party! How to Make Homemade Lip Gloss and it just takes two ingredients!

#5 Most Clicked Link How to Make a Simple Herb Garden

#5 The eMeals Blog linked up a wonderful and timely post, How to Make a Simple Herb Garden.  Meaghan explains how to make one, how to harvest and even how to freeze them! The post has me inspired to create one!

You’ll also want to check out Shannon’s favorite three picks over at Milk and Cuddles. Remember, anything you link up is seen on Milk and Cuddles as well as Crystal & Co.

Now, what will you link up this week? Remember that I randomly feature your resources and solutions throughout the week on Facebook. I also give the top 5 a pin on Pinterest.

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  1. Hi! This week I’ve posted on the hazards of sunscreens, most of which contain petrochemical ingredients and endocrine disruptors which are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, as well as how to find a sunscreen so safe, you could eat it.

    I’ve also posted a review and giveaway for SongCroft Naturals skin care products, which are handmade on an organic permaculture farm, and are safe, ethical and effective!

    Have a great week and thanks for hosting!

    1. Dawn- the sunscreen information and solution is so timely! Thank you!

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  6. This week I am sharing my recipe for Honey-Strawberry Jam (I real foodified it!), as well as my handy Kid-Friendly Broccoli Cheese Bites. Yumminess!

  7. Thanks so much for coming to my party! I linked up a free print I made.

  8. Howdy! I’ve linked up a simple No Calorie Sweet Green Tea recipe (# 149 ) that’s a great alternative to soda. Plus, it’s tasty and it’s good for you! Thanks for hosting the party and have a great day!

  9. Thanks for hosting! The homemade lip gloss looks cool! My mostly tomboyish girl is starting to wear toenail polish and get into wearing dresses. I’ll share this with her.

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