Thrifty Finds- Games and such for the kids!

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My friend Kim and I have scored some awesome finds these last few months on our Goodwill, resale shop and neighborhood garage sale days.
Here are some great things I’ve found for my kids.
. . . . .
Nicky loves anything about bulldozers, machinery or building. They have a built in VHS player in the tv in their room. When I can find a score on VHS movies, I grab them.
These were at a neighborhood garage sale.
Paid: $2.00 for all three.
Nicky thought it was Christmas!
Goodnight Moon Board Game was at the same neighborhood yard sale.
Complete game- all pieces are there.
Paid:  $1.00!!
This Lite Brite was brand spankin’ new and never been opened at the neighborhood yard sale.
Paid: $5.00 with the expectations of using it as a Christmas gift.
Got home and my kids opened it. Oh well.
Books, books and more books.
These last two pictures are just a sample of what I found while at the neighborhood yard sale and the local Lions Club sale.
I got hardback children’s books, chapter books for the big kids, a Cheerios book for Matthew, and paperback children’s books as well.
Paid: about $4.00 for 15-17 books between the garage sale and Lions Club event!


  1. amyswandering says:

    I do the same thing. I love finding gifts for almost nothing!

  2. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says:

    Ooooh, agreed! Goodwill is a great spot for games. And lots of times they get brand new ones from Target that are super cheap and ready for the gift giving!

    I am enjoying my visit to your blog (it's my first time). I hope you can stop over to Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon.

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