Tips for Hanging Your Child’s Art Work

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I love to hang the kid’s artwork around the house, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right way to hang it to make it look like something that should be hanging on the wall versus something that is just stuck to the fridge. It is important to find the right picture hooks that will help you create a gallery worthy of your children’s artwork, without leaving permanent marks all over the walls of your home.

tips for hanging your childs artwork

Regardless of how your house looks and what kind of wall space you have available to create your kids’ art gallery, companies like AS Hanging Systems has a system that will work for you. The systems they have today for hanging art and other wall hangings are quite flexible and can grow with you. We never know exactly how much we want to be hanging at any given time so I love the flexibility.

It is important to us when hanging things from the walls in our home that we leave them as undamaged as possible. These hanging systems are made to cause little to no damage to your walls which is a big selling feature for us.

How fun will it be to let your kids bring home their newest art piece from school, and it gets mounted on the wall as if it were hanging in an art gallery. The kids would love that. Even a painting they did at home can find a new home on the wall of your living room. It can be something that gets shown off when company comes over. The kids will love to show off their art work to friends and family.

So if you enjoy giving the kids art work a prominent spot in your home but have yet found the right way to do that, be sure to look into the types of wall hanging systems sold by AS Hanging Systems. You can find a custom look that will perfectly fit in your home, without damaging the walls. You and your kids will love how it looks when it’s done.

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