Use Engagement Pictures to Make Bridal Shower Invitations

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I love making invitations- it is one of my guilty pleasures!

My youngest brother is finally getting married.

My sister-in-law Lynn (she is married to my oldest brother) and I pulled together some precious bridal shower invitations using an engagement picture of the soon to be married couple.

You can do this too! Super simple and super precious!

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First pick out your fancy card stock and cut the sheets down to 4.5 x 6.5 . You will need three of these4.5 x 6.5 cards for each invitation.

Have copies of the photos made in a 4×6 size. Trim the edges of each picture with fancy scissors of your choice.

Add a sticker to each picture to represent their last name. I had a variety of stickers on hand from previous birthday party invitations and crafts. 

Here are your cutting instructions to make the front of each card:

Use Dots, like the ones in the picture below, to give some lifting details to the card stock. We used them in between the two card stock layers on the front of the card. (And recruit your oldest brother to help assemble cards! Oh, and for gluing, use a craft glue pen like the one he is using in the picture.)

Here is what the front of the card will look like when you’re finished:

For the back…. cut  8.5 x 11 card stock down to make 4 x 6 squares. Use colors that coordinate with the colors of your fancy card stock. You will run this plain card stock through the printer to share the shower details. You can also include a sweet poem, quote about marriage or inspiring scripture. You can download free  fonts from Kevin and Amanda’s awesome font site.

Glue (or Dot) your card stock with the shower details to your final piece of fancy 4.5 x 6.5 card stock. Use fancy scissors around the edges if you wish. We also glued down and embellishment flower to add a little more spunk.

Toss the invites in envelopes (that you can buy separately at any craft store) and don’t forget to include the registry cards before sealing the envelope. Address them and you’re good to go!
Took us two afternoons with a million kids running through the house. We made 50!


  1. Goldylocks aka Erin says:

    These are adorable…and so simple. I am a sucker for handmade invitations myself. LOVE that your brother is helping…getting in touch with his feminine side 🙂

  2. Lynn McWhirter says:

    These were so much fun and they really looked so good. Each one we made looked better and better. It really is super easy and would have been even easier if we would not have have a million kids running around. Oh and Crystal, that pasta you made was so yummy. Where did you get that recipe again?

  3. They are just beautiful. Can not wait to get mine in the mail to frame and have as a keepsake. What a GORGEOUS COUPLE. Gosh I rasied some handsome & handy youngmen. NaNa Sue

  4. These are so precious! I'm totally obsessed with anything that has to do with pictures so using pictures of me and my fiancé would definitely something I could see me doing. Thanks for sharing!

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