Vinyl Letters on Canvas- Moveable Art

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 I do not have a vinyl letter cutter.

I wish I did, but those machines and supplies are pricy.

Maybe you’ve noticed a new sponsor down in the Featured Mommy Resource area in my sidebar- Your Way Vinyl. Ms. Jodi, mom of four, reached out to me a couple of months ago asking if I had a vinyl rep (or machine) and if I did not she would love to be my vinyl gal.

For real?

So, once a month I am choosing a vinyl design to play with and share a project on my site using the vinyl. (She is also one of our Holiday Discount Code providers.)

Here is the thing, I wonder if I am always going to want this vinyl art on that wall forever. I mean, what if I want to move it? So, for my first project I wanted something that gave me that flexibility as this might be a concern for you as well.

So, I painted a canvas and transferred the letters to the canvas. It was pretty simple.

You Will Need:

  • Canvas (You can get them really inexpensively. I bought a two pack for less than $10.)
  • Vinyl art work in the same size as the canvas (my canvas and art work art 16″x20″.) The artwork for this specific project can be found here.
  • Multi-surface paint (I chose a pearl color from Martha Stewart.)
  • Small roller brush (I grabbed mine from the $ store.)

Here is the paint I used. It is a pearl blue by Martha Stewart- Aquarium is the name.

Use a roll brush to apply the paint to the canvas. First time around I used a sponge brush and it was super streaky. With each coat it just got worse.

Apply 2-3 coats (drying in between each coat) using the roller bush.

Don’t forget to do the edges too. Couple of coats there as well drying in between each coat.

Once the canvas is dry it is time to transfer.

Peel the backing off the vinyl sheet.

Now place the vinyl sheet face down on the canvas.

It will semi-stick to the canvas to stay in place.

Use a scraper and rub and transfer the letters to the canvas.

Rub, rub, rub.

Slowly peel the sheet away from the canvas, rubbing each letter as you go if need be.

The letters should stick to your canvas.I had some issues with the toothbrush, but seriously, I have never done this before.

Continue to pull the sheet to reveal more letters, rubbing with the scraper along the way.

This was my first project, and I have never seen a demonstration. It took me a little bit of time.

When the entire design is transferred, you are ready to hang it on the wall.

This is going in the kids’ bathroom.

Wonder why.

Do you love it? You can grab this image too from Your Way Vinyl.

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  1. That is so cute! And the saying is just perfect for every kid’s bathroom 🙂

    1. For real, Kim. I can not tell you how often we have this conversation in my house.

  2. Super cute! Was the canvas already primed or was it raw canvas when you painted it?

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