Watercolored Eggs for Breakfast

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Because he is an artist.

Because he is creative.

Because he is 100% silly and 100% his own little person.

He inspires me daily to be true to my authentic self.


The other morning I made a yummy and simple breakfast for the kiddos.

(Love that plate? It is my mother’s. She sent cake to my house on this plate. I may not ever give it back to her.)


Cantaloupe and boiled eggs.

Every time I hear the word cantaloupe, I have to force myself not to say can’t elope.

You too?

So glad I am not alone.

As I am making plates, Nicholas grabs an egg and goes off the the kitchen table.

I assume he wants to peel his own egg, ’cause he is cool like that.

I finish my breakfast duties and as I arrive to the kitchen table, I find this….

Picasso, using Matthew’s sippy cup as his rinsing device, no less.

Because he is an artist he had watercolored eggs for breakfast.


  1. Kim Idell says:

    Very creative Little Artist Nicky! I need to send some brown eggs to you. You could tell him you already painted them for him.

    I love how you let your kids be creative and just go with it. I would have noticed the paints being pulled out and said no way! I wonder how many creative moments I miss? You are awesome Crystal! Next time I will just go with it. 🙂

  2. How fun! Watercolored eggs!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have enjoyed visiting your blog!

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